Advertisement Ideas: Why Do Internet TV??


Advertisement Ideas: Why Do Internet TV?

 When you visit you see this photo as I am The Host of The Anything Bucket, which airs at 8:00 PM EST on Wednesday. A question that I am asked now as a host is why do Internet TV? The answer is quite easy because of the trend that more and more people are looking for alternatives to terrestrial TV and turning to the Internet as a source for their entertainment. This year an Internet TV Show, House Of Cards,  has been nominated in 9 categories for The Emmy’s showing that this medium is a great way to help you to maximize your message. My show launched to an audience of 48,000 on August 7, 2013 with 77% being in my immediate market of Broward and Palm Beach County. 

Nielsen Chart Online TV Advertising This is a chart that shows that viewers are more apt to recall a video that they see on the Internet as compared to one they view on regular TV. Another reason to do Internet TV.

Online Video ConsumptionYet another reason to use Internet TV as a vehicle to promote your business. More and more of your potential clients are watching video over the internet so being on an Internet TV Show or station will help you to reach more people.

  I have always been a proponent of  maximizing your message and Internet TV gives you an opportunity to reach a mass audience with your message. I offer businesses and non-profit organizations to have a chance to tape a segment for The Anything Bucket in the studios located in Boca Raton, FL.  When you purchase the segment you get the opportunity to use it across all of your marketing platforms. In being on Internet TV you also gain credibility as you can tell your audience that you were on TV.  By being on Internet TV you also create the aura of celebrity as a perceived expert in your field. Think about it you can come into the studio pay $100 for a 12 minute segment then after the show airs use that segment across all of your promotional platforms which strengthens your brand awareness thus when the consumer is ready to purchase your products or services you are on the top of their mind. The key is to stand out and Internet TV allows you to do that.

 Another reason for to do Internet TV is the advertising rates reasonable. For example offers a 4 month campaign of 15 second ads with 360 impressions for $800 ($200 per month). The reach of Internet TV is vast and especially good if you have e-commerce set up on your website and have the capability to do business nationally or internationally.

 If you would like more information about the benefits of Internet TV and adding it to your Marketing Strategy please call 954-254-8227. JDOGG is also available for one on one marketing consultations to help you maximize your message. Stay Positive!!!!



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