Advertisement Ideas: WTH ARE YOU THINKING???


Advertisement Ideas: WTH ARE YOU THINKING?

 Today’s blog entry was inspired by a not so nice encounter I had with an ING Representative last week at The Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Baby Love and Family Expo. Most of you who read this blog on a regular basis know that I always make an effort to be of value and service to all I come in contact with. On Saturday 8/10/13 I traveled to The Broward Convention Center for The Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Baby Love and Family Expo to represent my Internet TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on Wednesday at 8:00 PM EDT on I was going booth to booth introducing myself and obtaining business cards as I have an awesome opportunity to help business people to maximize their message and increase their brand awareness and potentially increase their revenue. As I was standing next to The ING Booth a family was walking by with young kids and I said hello do you have your college planning taking care of see this gentleman from ING. What occurred next was totally unexpected, the gentleman instead of thanking me got real pompous and arrogant saying he didn’t need my help. He then proceeded to tell me that he ran The ING in Boca Raton, FL.  To which I stated you know Ralph Waldo Emerson said ” Nothing Great Was Ever Accomplished Without Enthusiasm.” His reply again was you don’t understand I run The ING Office in Boca Raton. To which I said can you say arrogant and then wished him Namaste and walked away. As I walked away I began to ask what the heck was this guy thinking?  His arrogance and pompous attitude cost him the opportunity to have me not only as a client but as an advocate for his business. In today’s marketplace it is imperative to understand that one day someone may be sharing a service with you but on another day they can be using your service.  Think about it what would 6 minutes on an Internet TV Show with over 50,000 viewers mean to you with 77% being in the local market, in this case Broward and Palm Beach County. I really felt like telling The ING Guy to go pound sand, however that would not have been to right way to handle him. The lesson here is to realize that everyone you come in contact with can be of service and value to you.

 It was obvious that Mr. ING Guy didn’t get this for if he did he would have realized that the person sharing his information could have really helped him to reach his audience. The key to understand is that when you network it is not about selling the person you are talking with but building a relationship so that you can tap into the people they know and be of service and value. Mr. ING Guy lost an opportunity to have a shout out to the listeners of my Radio Show, which airs on Monday from 7-8 PM EDT at, a chance to come to the TV Studio in Boca Raton, FL and tape a segment for The Anything Bucket, have promotion to my over 2,200 friends on Facebook, my connections on LinkedIn, my over 1,600 followers on Twitter, and promotion at events that I emcee. By thinking he was all that and not being open Mr. ING Guy lost out on an opportunity to gain more clients. This again leads me to as many times What The Heck Are You Thinking.

 When you think about your advertising and marketing think of the return on investment. I recently met with a marketing director for a dental office as have La Bonita Kidz and Teenz Magazine as a client. I was pitching the office on the idea of running a 1/4 page ad in the magazine which is circulated on a quarterly basis, my thought process was September, October, and November are great months to plant a seed for people with middle and high school aged kids to get a dental check up. The cost to the dentist $140. The marketing director said no!!! I left that office thinking What The Heck Are You Thinking, one cleaning and exam and your ad is paid for.  I have had this occur on many occasion and have seen business and professional practices struggle because of missed opportunities. I ask what opportunities are you missing?

 Now ask how is my stinkin’ thinkin’ affecting my business. Am I making excuses that seem to be justified, however in reality are simply excuses? Am I judging people and losing out on how they can be of service and value to me? Am I the next to be on a list of What The heck Were You Thinking?  It is in planning your work and working your plan and getting to know people who you truly prosper.  So the next time someone offers you help be open and receptive as they may have though of something you haven’t.

 In the coming week see how you can be of service and value. Let go of the EGO and be open to receive as you never know who you may be interacting with and how they may be able to assist you.

 It is through helping others that we find the most success.  Today, Stay Positive!!!



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