Advertisement Ideas: Putting Yourself Out There!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Putting Yourself Out There!!!

 As an entrepreneur or marketing executive you hold the power to put yourself out there to maximize your message. It is important to take steps to make sure people know who you are, what you do, and why they should do business with you. As I sit in my local Starbucks I have a sign that reads FREE HUGS, STAY POSITIVE, www.the-spiritualawakening.com, FREE HUGS. The idea was to do something no one else is doing and thus create interest from the patron’s at Starbucks so as to generate interest in my spiritual blog and then begin to build a relationship for you never know who you my be talking to and who they may know. The key is to build a buzz by standing out from the crowd. Remember regardless of what service or product you may be providing you are your brand.  By putting yourself out there and getting to know people you will strengthen your brand and increase the chance of someone doing business with you.  The same approach can be used in your strategic marketing program as you decide where you will reach your target audience. The idea is to define your target audience and find the venues that reach that audience. Then you set up your budget to maximize your message. After you have done this design a campaign that will be consistent in Print, on Radio, on TV, and across your social media platforms.

   When you decide to advertise make sure your message is consistent and in as many places as economically feasible to reach the audience you are seeking. If you think your audience is everyone you are mistaken, without a defined audience you have no direction for your advertising, without direction you fail.  I am always amazed when I am at a networking event and I ask who is your ideal client/customer and people can not answer that? If you do not have this answer you will spin your wheels and wonder why your sales are not increasing.  I use myself as an example my ideal client is the special events coordinator for a municipality, an event planner, the communication director for a professional sports team when I am marketing my voice skills.  I find websites and industry magazines and programs that reach these people and then market my services accordingly. Doing this for the last 3 years I have secured some nice gigs like working for The Lingerie Football league as a PA Announcer, Emceeing The City of Coral Springs World Fest!!!! The idea is to always put yourself out there. When you put yourself out there you create brand recognition, brand awareness, and create a buzz about your products and services so that when a consumer/client seeks them they will call you before they call your competitor.

Advertisement Ideas: Tools To Put Yourself Out There!!!

 You tube has become a top search tool for people. The key to using it effectively is to make your video relevant, entertaining, and resonating. Have a good title with a subject people are looking for, use good key words in your description, use effective tags, and promote whenever and wherever possible.

 Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms are great places to put yourself out there. When using these platforms make sure you are giving your audience what they are seeking by being of service and value.

 We all know what this is it is a URL Code to direct people to a website. If you have a website that is not optimized you have to ask what can I do to get more traffic. The answer is to make sure the domain name is relevant to what you offer. Promote the website on all your marketing materials include it on everything you print.

 Some of the resources that I suggest people look at are for advertising opportunities in South Florida are:

www.coralspringsconnection.com – A blog about Coral Springs, FL and the surrounding communities.

www.spicemiami.com – The official site for The Miami Spice Basketball Team

www.miamifuryfootball.com – The Official Website of The Miami Fury

www.labonitakidz.com – A magazine targeting Mothers of Middle and High School Students

www.wrpbitv.com – An internet TV Station with some excellent programming reaching a diverse audience

www.wingspanseminars.com – A leadership development company that just launched The Conflict Corner TV Show

It is when you put yourself out there that you strengthen your brand and increase your revenue. The key is to have a plan to put yourself out there and work the plan and then tweak the plan along the way.

 I can not tell you how many businesses I pitched about advertising who made excuses why not to use the services I provide have gone out of business. The old adage is if you are not growing you are dying. What is it that is stopping you from putting your name out there?

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