Advertisement Ideas: How To Avoid Slow Times?


Advertisement Ideas: How To Avoid Slow Times?

 In business this is the one sign you never want to see. I can not tell you how many times I have heard well times are slow as I am out selling advertising for La Bonita Kidz and Teenz, www.labonitakidz.com. Each time I hear that I ask well what are you willing to do to change that? The answer I usually receive is I am just going to wait and see what happens. My reply is generally good luck with that as I leave the business or end the conversation. As I walk away I think that business won’t be there for long or that person will be joining another company soon. About 80% of the time I am right. A case in point occurred a few weeks ago when a flower shop owner told me they didn’t need to advertise and they never do print. I wished him luck as stated if he changed his mind to connect with me as I can be of service and value to him. I went by the shop yesterday (7/8/13) and guess what there was an eviction notice on the door and the store was closed. The moral here is if you do not advertise you die. If you wait for something to happen chances are you close your door.  If you was to avoid slow times follow the tips listed below as they have helped many businesses who have chosen to work with me to succeed.


Advertisement Ideas: Tips To Avoid Slow Times!!!



1: Eliminate using the term slow by beginning to plan your work and work your plan. If you do not have a strategic marketing plan develop and implement one.  A good tool to use is Heidi Richards Mooney’s book, Quirky Marketing Tips.

2: Be proactive in all you do – know who your target audience is and where they shop and what they read and what entices them to do buy certain products and services. Once you know who you want to attract you can find marketing channels that reach this audience.

3: Know what is going on in the community such as sporting events, expos, trade shows, cultural events, meetings, and conventions. Then begin to develop and implement a plan to target the people who will benefit from your products and services. I.E. You are a licensed massage therapist and there is a health fair happening in your community, you should be there offering your services. Another example You are a dry cleaner and you hear of a convention in the area that is going to have a Semi-Formal Dinner so you offer specialized same day dry cleaning services to the attendees. Another example you own a sports bar and you know that University Of Miami is playing University of Florida in Football so you offer a special to anyone wearing either team gear, you host a fundraiser around the game for your favorite charity, and you promote in your advertising.

4: Staying in contact with your existing customers/clients.  In some cases you haven’t seen a customer in a while and you have their phone number this is when you should pick up the phone and ask them how they have been and do they plan on using your product or services again. Also ask if they can recommend anyone you can contact that could benefit from your products or services.

5: Align yourself with charitable causes and set aside a day each month where a portion of all sales go to the charity. For example you are a hair dresser and you decide that on the third Wednesday you are going to do a special where you will donate 10% to the charity of choice and you promote this in all your marketing material. When this is leveraged people respond as they like to do business with those perceived to be giving back to the community.

6: Continually hand out marketing materials wherever you go and obtain contact information when possible and follow-up immediately  with a special offer.

7: Use your Social Media Effectively – throughout the day post specials that will entice people to use your products or services. For example you have a bowling center and it is raining outside so you post come in out of the rain $1 per game until 5 PM today mention spare when reserving your lane. Another example you are a life coach and you have a few openings to fill so you post Special Offer for Today take $25 off your session. When you post a decent offer you will get a response.

 The key to avoiding slow times is to always be of value.  The more you promote the busier you will be!

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