Advertisement Ideas: 30 Days To Jump Start Your Marketing & PR!!!


Advertisement Ideas: 30 Days To Jump Start Your Marketing and PR!!!

 Are you maximizing your message? Are you overwhelmed when you hear Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler, Stumble Upon, Vine, LinkedIn? Have you sat down to plan, implement, and evaluate an effective marketing and public relations strategy? I am amazed by the many  entrepreneurs who tell me they do not have a marketing plan. I often respond if you don’t know where you are going how are you going to get there. This entry is designed to be a road map on how you can jump-start your marketing and public relations in 30 days. It is based on a track record of success in obtaining media coverage for those who have chosen to work with me. It piggy backs on the concept of plan your work and work your plan. If you want to attract customers/clients you must have a strategy to do so as the idea of build it and they will come as a strategy is becoming less and less effective.  Every day you open to accept clients/customers you should be doing something to market your business.

Advertisement Ideas: The 30 Day Plan

 Create your message and announce it to your staff. Develop your logo that will be synergistic with your message. Put out a media release to your media contacts and your email list.

     Decide where you are going to promote your message, write and send out media releases.

 Promote across your Social Media platforms. Choose 4-5 to use and see which gives you the most reach. You can do this daily, weekly, every other week, or monthly. The key here is to give content that will be of service and value to your audience.

 Begin to attend networking events and deliver your message then follow-up with the people you spoke to with a special offer.

 Create a you tube channel and start posting videos that are relevant, entertaining, and resonating.

 Research and find media outlets to advertise with. Make sure all ads have a strong call to action.

Begin to plan, implement, and evaluate promotions that you can do to attract attention. A great resource for this is Heidi Richards Mooney Book Quirky Marketing Ideas.

 Follow up with media people you sent releases to with a phone call.  Announce any special achievements within the business, any growth of the business, any new hires, new clients.

Update your website and use key words and original content to drive traffic and create customers.

 Develop programs that will stand out and get you recognized as the go to person in your industry. As you develop the programs send out media releases, talk to people, attend networking events and give updates.

 Ask people for feedback so you can tweak your marketing material.

 Start your blog. Make sure you have content that will appeal to your target audience.

 Align yourself with some charitable causes and find ways to work in some fundraising activity that will show people you are giving back to the community. A great way to get recognition is by sponsoring a youth sports team and letting people know this is something you do.

 Create angles for your next promotion to let people know why they should be doing business with you. For example I improve your message so you get media coverage. My angle is JDOGG Lederman Helps Business To Build Traffic With Specialized Marketing Program. I write a paragraph or two with some photos and send it to my media list.

 Time to send out a special offer to all those people you have email addresses for to entice them to do business with you. Think about what you can offer that will create a desire for someone to use your products or services.

Go to places where your potential client/customer goes and use a 3 foot rule and start talking to people who are within 3 feet of you.

 Find locations that will allow you to post information about your business. Community Bulletin Boards can be a very effective and inexpensive way of marketing.

 Take a ride around the neighborhood and begin to introduce yourself to people by going into other businesses and talking to the decision maker.

 Begin to gather written and video testimonials to use in your marketing campaigns.

 Begin to look for people you can do joint ventures with that reach your desired target demographic. male contact with these people with a proposal all ready to be sent and reviewed.

 Go through your list of past clients and call them to see if they have anyone they can recommend to use your products or services. Generally the call should go like this Hello __________, I am calling you to thank you again for doing business with me and to see how I can be of further value and service to you…… Is there anyone you can recommend I call to offer my products and services to.

 Begin to send thank you cards to your customers that used your products or services in the last month. Include a survey with an offer for them returning it.

 Look for special events being held in the community that you can have a booth at or attend as a guest.

 Call or email the people you met at the networking events and schedule one on one meetings if they can utilize your products or services.

 Update your website and all electronic marketing material with content and any changes that have occurred with the business.

 Begin to seek opportunities to present at networking events or host your own networking event.

  Create and Order promotional items that can be given out to anyone who may benefit from your products or services.

 Give out special awards to your customers/clients like client of the month, supporting customer, loyal customer, outstanding customer, and then take pictures and videos of them receiving the award to use in your promotional materials.

 Send out another round of media releases about what you are doing in the business. It can be something like I did JDOGG Barks For Relay For Life, which told of my collection activities for The American Cancer Society. The story was picked up by the Sun-Sentinel.

 Sit back and evaluate what worked for you and improve upon that. Take what didn’t work and get rid of it. Plan and implement your next cycle.

 I close with this song as a reminder that marketing is an everyday thing and the goal is to get people to remember your name so when they need your product or service they come to you before going to a competitor.


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