Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Going With The Flow and Enjoying The Process


It is amazing what can happen when you tap into your source and just let things flow. I was sitting at Starbucks on Saturday 6/18/11 checking my email and doing some things on face book and one of the emails was from the casting people at The Glades that stated I was selected to be an extra. As I write this blog I am awaiting for the confirnation with the time and location for the shoot. I am a big proponent of putting yourself out there and registering with as many agencies as possibly so as to increase your chances of getting  gigs. After I responded to this email I then saw a note from someone I had done some announcing for in the past about a gig in The Bahamas and we confirmed that I would be the announcer. Later this afternoon I get to go do the paperwork for my passport. These two incidents have taught me not to force things and go with the flow and enjoy the processs.

These two incidents also show that persitence and building relationships is the key to success. This is so important when also doing media relations as you never know what will show up in your life when you put things out there. This week put yourself infront of those you want to connect with and watch what happens when you go with the flow and enjoy the process.


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