Advertisement Ideas: Be A Champion Like The Miami Heat!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Be A Champion Like The Miami Heat!!!


 What does it take to be a champion in advertising to be like The Miami Heat?  It takes hard work, dedication, knowledge, a commitment to excellence, a dedication to being of service and value, and the willingness to see advertising as an investment not an expense. The Heat’s General Manager, Pat Riley, put the components in place and assigned a coach to guide them to a championship. The plan they put in place came to fruition in the form of Back To Back Championships.  Much like the Heat it is important to put the correct team in place so you can be a champion in your business.

 Micky Arison of The Heat empowered his General Manager, Pat Riley, by given him a clear-cut plan and what his goals and objectives were for The Miami Heat. Like Micky Arison you as a business owner must empower your managers to make advertising decisions based on the directives that you give them.  If you do not have a team and are a sole proprietor then you will desire to create a plan to be a road map for your marketing. A strategic plan is a necessary component to insure for your success.

 Pat Riley serves as The General Manager of The Miami Heat overseeing personnel decisions and day-to-day operations of the team. As a business owner or marketing professional it is up to you to make your advertising decisions and make sure they are synergistic with the goals and objectives that you have set for your business. If your goals are not exceeded then you will want to go back and tweak your advertising plan.

 Eric Spolelstra is The Coach of The Miami Heat and his responsibility is to guide his team so they will be victorious. His guidance and leadership has led The Heat to Back To Back Championships. As a business owner or marketing professional you will want to lead your team by empowering and inspiring them and winning your own championships. In business the championships are measured by increased sales, increased visibility, better name recognition, and overall profits. When you are able to get your team to buy into your philosophy and beliefs you will become a champion in business.

 The players on The Heat all had to understand their role and had to execute the plays  to score and win. In business team members should know their role and know when to take charge and when to assist others. Knowing the role advertising will take in your business will assist you in becoming a champion.

 Since 2011 The Miami Heat has instilled the concept of White Hot Heat during their playoff runs. The fans of The Heat bought into this and showed their support. In business it is important to have promotions that customers/clients will buy into to help you in your run to the championship.

Advertisement Ideas: Marketing Like The Champions

 You may not have the budget that The Miccosukee Tribe has, however you could use tee-shirts with your name and website with a slogan that will grab the attention of potential customers/clients. By giving out these shirts you will create brand recognition and awareness thus putting yourself on the top of the consumers/clients mind so that when they seek your service they use you before going to a competitor. Tee-shirts are one of many promotional items you may want to incorporate into your strategic marketing plan.

 Aligning yourself with a charity and promoting it in your advertising will make you a champion in your community.  People like to do business with those they perceive to be giving back to the community. You can sponsor little league youth sports teams, host a give back day, donate a % of your sevices, donate your services. For example you are a life coach with a program for $997 and you donate $99 to the charity. When you leverage your community involvement you begin to become a champion.

Advertisement Ideas: 5 Steps To Becoming An Advertising Champion

 Plan what your message  is going to be. Plan where you will place your message. Plan to have your message be consistent.

 Grab your audience by having a message that is relevant, entertaining, and resonating so that it will be on the top of the consumers/clients mind when they seek your products or services.

 Have a strong call to action. Give them a reason to call you.

 Create an enticing offer to place in your ads that you can track.


 After consumers/clients respond to your ad make sure you deliver outstanding customer service.

 Make sure you and your associates have a championship mindset in all you especially when it comes to advertising. A well placed ad with a great attention grabber, a strong offer, and a strong call to action will make you a champion in your advertising.




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