Advertisement Ideas: Getting Past The Gatekeeper!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Getting Past The Gatekeeper!!!

 As a sales rep for La Bonita Kidz and Teenz, www.labonitakidz.com, I do a lot of cold calling on the phone and I run into many gatekeepers. The first thing I learned is to be polite and friendly regardless of the tone of the person answering the phone. The second thing to understand is that like you have a job to do and that is to sell them on your product or service they also have a job to do. The third thing is to be honest and let them know why you are calling. You may get the we’re not interested response, which is fine. I generally answer I know your not interested at this time, however can I email you information for future reference.  I have heard that person isn’t available. to this I will say no problem can I have their email address and can you put me through to their voice mail?



 Having a script as a guide can help you get past the gatekeeper. As you can state why you are calling or why you stopped in by peaking their interest.

 Do your research. Look up the company and find out who the principals of the company are and when you call or stop by the business you know who to ask for. If asked what does the call concern simply state why you are calling.

 Before you even make a sales call  plant the seed with an email or a letter so that your call acts as a follow-up.

Advertisement Ideas: Getting Past The Gate Keeper – The Approach

 When dealing with gate keepers it is important to remember that they way you approach the gate-keeper will determine how far you get. I usually introduce my self  allow them to ask how they can help me and then I explain why I came or why I am calling. In some cases I will get creative and ask the gate-keeper questions like what pizza they like, or what type of donuts, or what is their favorite candy then I will bring a small pizza with me next time I call on the potential client, or bring some of their favorite donuts, or some of their favorite candy. The key is to build a friendship with the gate-keeper so when you follow-up they will be of assistance to you.


Advertisement Ideas: Tools For Getting Past The Gate Keeper

 The idea is to find and use tools like theses to get past the gate-keeper.

 Renee Moore has an audio that will help you get past the Gatekeeper


      I have found that many times when you get past the gate-keeper and get tot he voice mail that a message like Hello, I am ___________ and I was hoping to get your opinion on something please call me back. This is a great technique as people like to give their opinion.  In some cases you may choose not to leave a message.

To Recap:

Be Friendly,

Be Confident,

Be Polite,

Be Honest,

Stay On Your Game – Control The Call

Do Follow Up,

Until next time Stay Positive!!!!





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