Advertisement Ideas: Capitalizing On UF, FGCU, UM And Heat!!!



Advertising Ideas: Capitalizing On UF, FGCU, UM, And Heat!!!

As this week unfolds the basketball world is a great place to turn to turn to see how you can drive business.  Capitalizing on the success of UF, FGCU, UM, and The Heat seems to be a simple task as this is what many people are talking about. UF will play FGCU in a sweet 16 match up in The NCAA Tournament, UM advanced to the sweet 16 of The NCAA Tournament, and The Miami Heat are sitting at 26 victories in a row chasing the all time record of 33 in a row.  The key is to find ways you can drive traffic with your advertising and create a buzz to strengthen your brand and build revenue.

  When you got up this morning did you think how can I use my Social Media Platforms to capitalize on the buzz that UF, FGCU, UM, and The Heat are creating? One way would have been to do a post that reads We would like to congratulate The Florida Gators, The FGCU Eagles, The University of Miami Hurricanes for advancing to The Sweet 16 of The NCAA Men’s basketball Tournament. Come in today and receive 16% off of any purchase.  You could also post Good Luck To the Miami Heat as they go for #27 in a row tonight, come in and receive a special Heat Gift, the gift could be key chains that you purchased with The heat Logo on one side and your information on the other.

 Remember with advertising it is all about driving sales. The buzz around UF, FGCU, UM, and The Heat is a great opportunity to drive your sales. Any business can come up with a creative program to capitalize on the chatter about UF, FGCU, UM, and The Heat. Think about it as I mentioned before 16% of any purchase this week. You could promote this starting today and ending on Saturday then if UF, FCGU, or UM advance to The Elite 8 you can offer 8% off next week. The idea is to come up with ways to entice people to do business with you by keeping your advertising relevant, entertaining, and resonating. Here are ten promotions you can do to capitalize on UF, FCGU, UM, and The Miami Heat.

1: Purchase mini-basketballs with your logo on onside and one of the teams logo on the other and give them out with any purchase of $10 or more.

2: You can announce that for every point one The Heat Scores against The Magic tonight you will Take $.10 per point scored off any order of $25 or more.

3: You can do a special where all products or services end in either $.16  or $.26  this would commemorate UF, FGCU, and UM advancing to The Sweet 16 or The Heat’s 26 victories in a row.

4: You could have a chance drawing for memorabilia from UF, FGCU, UM, or The Heat where customers who spend a minimum of $10 are entered.

5: You could run a special $5 off if you are wearing a UF, FGCU, UM, or Heat Jersey provided they spend $15 or more.

6: You could do a watch party if you are a brick and mortar business with a TV or you could sponsor a watch party at a local sports bar.

7: You could run a congratulations ad with all of your information and special pricing.

8: You could do a special 2 for $6 on certain items.

9: You could do a fan of the day contest where customers submit videos about why they should be the fan of the day with the requirement that they have to state why they use your products and services. The winner would get a $25 gift certificate for your products and services.

10: Do a trivia question of the day related to UF, FGCU, UM or The Heat with the first 5 right answers winning a $10 gift certificate.

The idea is to be creative and capitalize on UF, FGCU, UM, and The Heat.

 This week to generate income and build your brand use the successes of UF, FGCU, UM, and The Heat to your advantage.

 Before they beat Georgetown and then beat San Diego State not many people knew about Florida Gulf Coast University but today because of their victory many people are now following them and hoping they upset Florida in The Sweet 16. Your business can capitalize on this by becoming creative and proactive this week in your advertising.  This week you can Soar Like An Eagle, Chomp Like a Gator, Strike Like A Hurricane, or Turn The Heat Up. The Choice is yours to strengthen your brand and build your revenue by capitalizing on the current events of this week.

       This week,  take action to be proactive and you’ll see the successes.

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