Advertisement Ideas: How To Be Perceived Positively In The Market Place?


Advertisement Ideas: How To Be Perceived Positively In The Market Place!!!

 I recently goggled Peggy McColl after hearing her speak at The Superstar Summit in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I found many articles on the front page that called her a scam artist preying on the likes of aspiring authors.Other articles were written by her where she gave advice about becoming a best-selling author.   I have never worked with her nor purchased any of her products thus I can not make a definitive judgement about her, however if I based my decisions on the articles I read I would have to think twice about giving her my money. This led me to the question of what are people saying about you? I also asked what is my reputation like? This then led me to give you tools for creating a positive image in the market place.

Advertisement Ideas: Tools To Create A Positive Image In The Market Place

1: Your greatest tool is yourself and how you interact with others. Maya Angelo wrote the following and I believe this tool can help you in creating a positive image in the market place.

2: Utilize your satisfied customers to tout you with written and video testimonials. If you click on the testimonials on this page you can see what people are saying about me.

3: Address the negative press immediately, For example when I was featured in the newspaper several years ago for a monopoly game that I was developing for The Coral Springs Jaycees that didn’t come out on time. I immediately addressed it and then when the game was produced and distributed a retraction was printed from the initial story. This issue taught me that you must be upfront and transparent especially when dealing with the press.

4: Align yourself with reputable charities and non-profits to support that will give you credibility.I do a lot of work with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and most people respect this organization and thus when they find out I am a volunteer for them they will listen to me and be open to receive what I am offering.

5: Be of service and value in everything you do. Again give the customer/ client an outstanding experience and they will start to share positively with others.

6: Be authentic in presenting who you are – there is never a reason to embellish. Having a photo with someone of celebrity status is good however tell the story behind the photo. For example if you use Pinterest you can let the viewer know that you had the opportunity to have this photo taken at an event you attended. If you are truly associated with the celebrity you want to share that as well. For example I have a photo of me with Matt Daugherty, taken when he was Head Basketball Coach at FAU. That season I interacted with Matt on a regular basis as I worked with The Happy Herald and wrote a sports column each month.

7: Make sure you are consistent with your message so you are perceived as being a good person to do business with. Remember how you do anything is how you do everything and this is what people will see.

The key is to always have people saying something positive about who you are. Ask yourself what do you want people to say about you?



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