Advertisement Ideas: What Does Trump Have That You Don’t?


Advertisement Ideas:What Does Trump Have That You Don’t?

I think of Donald Trump and I see the living example of branding. Trump knew that if he was going to be successful he had to brand himself and create a buzz about who he was and what he did. This got me to thinking what does Trump have that you don’t? The answer was a following created by using public relations effectively and marketing savvy. Trump is in the news nearly everyday as he has become the man who media people go to for opinions on almost everything. He speaks his mind and makes a spectacle of himself on many occasion however he has built a brand that is synonymous with wealth and royalty. He did this over many years by continually promoting. He also built relationships with those that could be of service and value to him while also providing service and value.  Donald Trump has also surrounded himself with other successful people who he can go to for help when he needs to. He may come across as brash and arrogant but who would you go to to invest with?

 Trump has a strategy when he begins a project. He does a written plan with projections  and he includes a Public Relations Strategy. He calculates what he is going to do and he does it. He puts together a team and oversees the team empowering his team to make decisions.  He understands that you need a public relations strategy and he states many times it doesn’t matter what they are saying about me what matters is that they get my name right.  I tend to agree as if it is bad press like a divorce, bankruptcy, code violations, or other negative press you can spin it with a defensive strategy and if it is good press like hosting a charitable function, the opening of a new project, a new season of The Apprentice as you can add to that.




Donald Trump has the moxie and the confidence to move forward as he continues to brand himself. Like him or dislike him one must admit he knows branding. If you studied him and began to emulate the things he does that you like and that have been proven to work you will increase your brand.

 Donald Trump also is not afraid to poke a little fun at himself. He seeks opportunities and evaluates the options picking what he believes will work.  Trump also has a trusted team that he empowers to run most of the day-to-day operations of his company.

The thing Donald Trump has that you don’t is knowledge of branding. He knows what his message is and how to deliver that message. He creates controversy. He has built a network of people he can call on for their expertise to help him further his message.

This week take a moment to watch The Trump Brand and find ways to incorporate what Donald Trump does and has into your business as you strengthen your brand.







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