Advertisement Ideas: La Grande Narnaja- What Is In A Name?


 Advertisement Ideas: La Grande Narnaja-What Is In A Name?



My  Facebook  feed was buzzing today as The New Year’s Eve Celebration in Miami, The Big Orange, was changed to La Grande Naranja. All the news outlets were seeking feed back and at first I thought why I are we worrying about the name when there are bigger issues to tackle. I then began to ask what is in a name and the began to realize that branding is an integral part of your business and you spent the last 20 years building The Big Orange so why would you change the name and begin with a new brand, La Grande Naranja, and I realized well most of the people in that area are hispanic and that is a primary target demographic and thus a name change can be used to attract more clients of hispanic origin. Better yet why not promote the event in both languages so as to attract a more diverse audience.

    The Orange Bowl and The Big Orange Celebration have changed and evolved over the years understanding that to build a brand you must change as the demographics change. The committee has understood one of the rules of strategic marketing, which is  to know your audience and to attract as many people from that audience to your business. This leads to the question of what is in a name and how valuable can your brand become?

 When you see this logo what do you think of? Many will say Just Do It.  Others might say exploitation of child labor. Either way people are talking about NIKE.

Now you might be thinking JDOGG I don’t have a NIKE Type budget and my brand is known locally through word of mouth? I am here to tell you do not need a NIKE Type budget, you need to come up with creative ideas that will get people talking about you and your business. I was at  two sports bars over Thanksgiving Weekend and both were a bit slow. I decided to speak to the GM’s of each place and ask what they had done to promote Show Down Saturday, rivalry weekend in The NCAA, they both said nothing. I suggested that for next year they coordinate a program with their local beer distributor and do some fun promotions like Pick Your Team and Each Time They Score a TD you get a free draft, a trivia contest at half time, and charitable fundraiser tied to points scored.  Think about it locally FSU was playing UF and I am sure that there had to be cups available from the beer distributor with each teams logo, you could have the patrons select their team and as a reward when the team scored you fill the cup or you given them a token to redeem. At halftime you could do a trivia contest for shirts and bar tabs. You could promote this for 4-6 weeks in print and through electronic and social media.  Think about how you can be creative to create a buzz in the marketplace.


Another way to promote and use Football in any business is to promote POINTS FOR THE CURE, where people donate $.25 (25 cents) per point that there favorite NCAA of NFL Football Team Scores and then they either write a check to The American Cancer Society or visit a web site like and make their donation. You can promote this idea in all your marketing and advertising platforms showing you give back to the community.  Think about it you run an ad for your company that reads XYZ Company Cares and this month is Participating in Points For The Cure for details visit or come by our location. if you make up fliers with your logo explaining the program and hand them out you increase brand awareness, you show your existing clients and potential that when they spend money with you they are supporting the community.

Advertisement Ideas: What Do People Say When They See or Hear Your Name?

In every type of business be it a small home based coaching business or a big corporate entity it is important to build a brand that evokes discussion. Ask you current clients what they identify with your business. For example is a client saying I do business with Joe Schmo and he is awesome he went over and above my expectations or are they saying I did business with Joe Schmo he was late for appointments and was unprofessional. Either way they are talking about you, however you desire the positive scenario so start to ask yourself how am I being talked about.

 I used to say negative things about Starbucks until one day I thought don’t knock it until you try it so I went and tried it and today I patronize Starbucks 2-3 times a week and the ones I go to have given me excellent service and have changed my mind about their company. This month they are collecting toys for The Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots Program and many people are coming to their stores to drop off toys and they are taking pictures and sending them to the media so people will see that they are giving back to the community.

Building a brand is important and when you change the name or reposition yourself remember the key is to have people speak positive about you and the company.  As a business owner it is important to have a strategic plan and understand what your brand represents and how it will be received in the market place. I know there will be many people who are upset about The Name Change from Big Orange to La Grande Naranja and may not participate however there will be plenty that like the new name and will buy the branded merchandise. Again my solution would be to use The Big Orange and La Grande Naranja together and thus increase sales and increase the brand awareness and thus increasing revenue.



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