Advertisement Ideas: How To Make Effective Marketing Choices!!!!



Advertisement Ideas: How To Make Effective Marketing Choices!!!!

When you begin the marketing process you first understand the complexity of it  and a great way to get a grip  and make effective marketing choices is to us the 7 P’s Marketing Mix Below. When you know each phase and you truly analyze the plan you can then implement the plan and evaluate and adjust accordingly.

Many times I hear JDOGG I need to get my name out there and drive business what do you suggest:

1: Know who your target audience is? Ask yourself who is my customer?

2: Find ways to reach this audience by researching the promotional opportunities available both paid and un-paid.

3: Ask questions of your existing clients to assess their desires, if you are a start-up ask people who you interact with what they would be looking for if you opened a business.

4: Be consistent across all platforms thus maximizing your message. Logo Development, Tag Line Development are key as this is how people will perceive you.

Advertisement Ideas: Tools To Make Effective Marketing Choices

 Mandy White has become a go to person to help build your business through Linked In.



Books such as these can help you as you continue to make effective marketing decisions. There are many personal development books available by clicking on the Hay House Link.

Watching and implementing marketing tips from those with a proven track record can help you to make effective marketing decisions:

 JDOGG Lederman has over 18 years of marketing and media relations experience and holds a BBA From Hofstra University. He has helped obtain press coverage for many of his clients landing them on TV, radio, and in print. His knowledge of social media helps people to maximize their message. he can be booked to speak by connecting with him at 954-254-8227.
 Brian Tracy is one of the leaders in The Personal Development Industry.


Using the phone is a great tool to make an effective marketing choice as you can call friends and relatives to get their input and see what they know about the people offering you marketing opportunities.

The key is to know what you are being offered, where the message will be going, who will the message be seen by. I always ask the question what does a new client/customer represent to the business and is the money invested to get the new business  worth it . For example you are the sales director of a bowling center and you want to reach Moms to book birthday parties and you find out about  La Bonita Kidz and Teenz Magazine in your community and their mission is synergistic to your philosophy so you look them up on-line at www.labonitakidz and you place the ad as the average birthday party is $500 in revenue and the ad is far less than that.  Knowing the level of risk you can take will help you to make an effective marketing decision.

 When you decide to market you must make a plan like the list on the left and make sure you are maximizing the message by making effective marketing choices.

Listen to what is being presented and then evaluate and see if it is synergistic to what your goals and objectives are and then take action.

Plan it out, Evaluate, and Adjust as you go and you will begin to make effective marketing choices. Marketing is a major key to the success of your business so do it everyday.


 What do all these companies have in common? They Market Effectively and have become recognizable in the market place.  You can be the leader in your industry by making effective marketing choices:

Remember to know who you want to reach, have a plan to reach them, and give them a reason to do business with you and your marketing will pay off.

As you make your marketing decision remember it is important to shout it out loud. Share who you are, what you, and why people should do business with you.









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