Advertisement Ideas: Olympics, Jesus, Penn State, and More Lead to Creative Marketing


Advertisement Ideas: Olympics, Jesus, Penn State and More Lead To Creative Marketing

 The Spice Girls Reunited for The Closing Ceremony of The 2012 Olympics held in London. As I watched I began to think how can a business truly capitalize on the closing ceremonies and then it hit me, have a contest where you would give away Olympic related items. You could secure items relating to The 2012 Summer Olympics and also secure items relating to The  2014 Winter Games to be held in Soji, Russia. You would collect name, address, phone number, and email from the entrants and every month send out information about your business with a special Olympic Related Theme. This could be the way to spice up your sales.

 Imagine being able to create a spectacle that would draw the attention of millions like The Olympics did? Well you can with a bit of creativity and the right promotion. I remember an event That The Pompano Beach Jaycess hosted many years ago called The Zanny Olympics and it was covered be local radio, TV, and newspaper outlets because of the many double entendre names events and the fact that it was also for charity. The businesses that participated all benefitted greatly by gaining brand recognition which also translated into more sales. The bottom line is getting to be known in the community and to build the reputation so people want to do business with you.

When I walked into Citibank today I saw many promos related to the Olympics and The Paralympics and was so happy that I have been banking with them for over 20 years. You may be thinking but I don’t have a Citibank type budget, well you don’t have to. All you need is a way to capitalize and be creative with your marketing. The Youth Football season is starting and imagine if you would support teams in your area and then in all your marketing material mention the fact that you sponsor the teams. I do PA Announcing for The Lauderhill Broncos of The Pop Warner League and every game I announce our sponsors and in the course of 7 games they receive over 50 mentions. This is one way to spice up your brand and to create a buzz in the community.

Advertising Ideas: JESUS CHRIST!!!!

Many time people will say using your beliefs in promotion and marketing detracts from your brand and decreases revenue as you may alienate a certain section of the population. Well I say go ahead and take a chance as align yourself with advertisers that make sense and are synergistic to your spirituality. I listen to REACH FM, A Christian Radio Station and they have a program where businesses become  Integrity Partners and as as a result gain major exposure in the market place. Many of the Integrity Partners found that they increased their revenue as a result because they were now dealing with like minded people and we know in business people do business with those they know like and trust. Imagine using symbols in your print ads and in your TV Ads that resonate with your desired target audience. The idea is to go for it and not worry about what people will say.

This is often displayed at a business to show that they believe in Jesus and thus other believers are welcome.


 These symbols appear in many print ads to show that a business believes in the teachings of JESUS.

Capitalizing and using your beliefs as long as you are authentic can lead to more clients and more buzz about your business.

 If you cater to those  who believe that JESUS is The Savior having a print like this with the words God Bless with your name address and phone number can lead to more brand recognition.

Advertisement Ideas: Penn State Shows That Controversy Creates Cash

By now you have read and heard about The Sex Scandal that rocked Penn State University. Regardless of what side you may have been on about the sanctions against the team or the way the administration handled the situation, the fact remains that Penn State took a lemon of a situation and made lemonade as they were in the spotlight for many months and continue to garner headlines. The buzz around Penn State University has led to increased Jersey Sales to support the kids that weren’t involved, more TV revenue as people are curious about what the upcoming season will bring and all their TV Rights have been sold at a higher rate than ever in the history of the program. I am not advocating you create a scandal the magnitude of Penn State, however I am suggesting that you find a controversial issue and take a stand that fits into your belief system, again you may alienate a few while converting others. It is a case of some will, some won’t. some waiting, so what, next.

 The chants of WE ARE PENN STATE will echo in many stadiums this season and yes some  of the image will be tarnished but they will have name recognition and as a result may attract more students as they make strides to overcome the adversity that they are facing. Think about ways you can use this scandal to build your brand and increase your revenue.

Advertisement Ideas: Creativity Is The Key

When you advertise and market your business the one key to consider is creativity.  It is when you do some outlandish things, take a stand on the issue, get involved in the community and promote everything you do that you will meet with success.

 This video has been viewed 110 times and it illustrates the point to be a bit over the top. As a result of this video I have been booked and paid for a few voice overs as well as emcee gigs.

Use the events around you and your talents to do creative marketing.




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