Advertisement Ideas: Overcoming Branding and Image Obstacles


Advertisement Ideas:Overcoming Branding and Image Obstacles

As I read the article about The Aurora Colorado shootings that took place at a movie theater I kept thinking I would hate to be the marketing director of that theater, then I thought perhaps with the right program I would overcome the branding and Image Obstacles.

 The first thing I would do is to issue a statement of condolenscences and then to say we will be helping the victims of this shooting through special promotions at the theater with proceeds from all screenings of all movies being donated to a special fund to offset funeral and hospital costs of the victims.

 The next thing I would do is print up a shirt with The Colorado Flag and put a slogan like Aurora and Century Theaters Standing Together in remembrance with the date of the shooting and again collect donations for the victims families.

 The third thing I would do is to host a gun Buy Back Program with everyone receiving a free movie pass.

 The fourth thing I would do would host a blood drive.

In the face of adversity come opportunity to Overcome Branding and Image Obstacles.


Advertisement Ideas: Branding Ideas and Images Gone Bad

 Remember this car it was very popular her in The United States but not so much in Spanish Speaking Countries as NOVA translates into NO GO. The lesson learned here is to know the culture of the countries where you are going to promote your brand and build your image.

 The Adult Literacy Coalition was trying to get their message out, however if the audience they are attempting to reach can’t read the bench ad what good does it do for them. The lesson here is when you are spending your marketing dollars on Branding and Image Building use it wisely where it will be most effective.

 This ad was placed on the escalator of a local mall.Can you see the problem? Ad placement must be well though out when doing a branding and image building campaign, Had it been reversed it would have made more sense.

 I have a question. Would You Shop Here? remember sometimes using an abbreviation creates a branding and Image Obstacles.



When naming your business think about the perception of your business. Would you do business with any of the above businesses.


Advertising Ideas: Branding and Image Building Tips

Many times we may think something is clever and creative however the general public may not think so thus it is important to take into consideration the idea of what are you trying to portray and what is the objective of the branding program. When building your brand and image it is imperative to remember:

1: Be consistent across all platforms of marketing – Develop a logo that will be used on everything related to your business, the tag line should represent who you are and what you do.

2: Position yourself as the best at what you do by being an information  source – For example if you are a pizza place explain the difference between certain cheeses that you use.

3: Place your brand in places that are synergistic in reaching your target audience.

4: Build a following that will become unsolicited spokes people for you. For example you create customers that recommend others to you and thus when someone sees your logo they will immediately have a positive feeling about your business. A great example of this is IKEA who does a push when they open and then as a result of delivering good quality products, good customer service, and a shopping experience people line up overnight for their grand openings.

5: Use social media effectively by using key words and creating a buzz about your business.

The key to building a strong brand is to remember to have something that people desire and create a reason for them to purchase it from you.  There are many platforms to use to build a brand such as:

1: Instead of a business card have a cd that you can give to people with information about your company and a few songs that they may enjoy. A company in Miami, FL Crispa puts out an annual CD and gives it to existing clients and potential clients. They are in the marketing and branding industry.

2: Have something that is memorable when meeting people so they remember your brand. I.E. you’re a financial planner give them a money clip with your information, you’re a car dealer give them a key chain.

3: Create an event to invite people to.

4: Align your self with charitable causes that make sense for your business.

5: Be creative and proactive keeping in ind how your message will be received.

These are the top brands for 2011.

By looking at what they are doing you can become a stronger brand.




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