Advertisement Ideas: How Creative and Proactive Are You?


Advertisement Ideas: How Creative and Proactive Are You?

I always ask the question to my clients, How Creative and Proactive Are You?  I ask this question as these two elements are very important to growing a business be a brick and mortar business or a home based business. Many time I find that the reason a business is slow is that the owner may lack the creativity needed to gain recognition and to build their brand. I also find that many business owners wait to react instead of planning and implementing programs that are proactive and thus keep them ahead of the competition.

 A great example of being creative and proactive would be to capitalize on the latest Ralph Lauren Controversy of their outsourcing the manufacturing of  the USA Team Uniforms to China and to promote that your products in your brick and mortar business are made in America. Many years ago there was a campaign Look For The Union Label that  increased revenues and brand recognition for those that participated.


By looking for current issues and capitalizing on them you can increase your brand awareness and continue drive business. Another Example of creativity and proactivity is to capitalize on the upcoming election. Imagine running a campaign that gives a special rate on your products and services if someone presents their voter registration card to you. You could promote this in all of your ads, on your social media, and in your communications.

Many businesses will succeed because they are proactive and creative. They have found ways to drive business by seeking new innovative ways to create a solid customer/client base and to reward customer loyalty and those giving referrals. The way to create a solid customer/client base is to be of service and value in all you do. Provide the consumer with a strong reason to purchase your product or services and you will become successful.

 When I worked at Foot Locker we ran this promotion and I would always ask my District Manager for 1000 cards and he would hem and haw about why. I would explain that the return of these cards is about 10% and that the average person spends $120 dollars and presents the card and pays $84 and we create cash flow, brand loyalty, and good will. He would eventually give in because my store would see record numbers because of me being proactive in the distribution of these cards.  The key is to create a program that will appeal to the desired market you are seeking.


Advertising Ideas: Putting Creative and Proactive Programs In Place

Once you have a creative idea and you have decided to be proactive and implement it the next question is how to I put it place. Once you have your program and you have decided to move forward you must put in place and crate a way to monitor it. Some ways to put it in place is:

1: If you are a brick and mortar business in store displays announcing the program

2: If you have employees make sure they understand it and can explain it to customers

3: Use your social media, put up videos, hand out brochures, have a special promotional card made up to hand out at networking events

4: Include in all advertising

5: Use a three-foot rule and wherever you are if someone is within 3 feet of you talk to them.

Advertising Ideas: Top 10 Creative and Proactive Campaigns

10:  Domino’s Pizza Avoid the Noid. The use of this character saw a major increase in sales and brand awareness for Domino’s Pizza.

9:  This promotion from Taco Bell has seen an increase in their sales and also an increased brand awareness.

8:  Geico’s use of the caveman put them in the #1 spot for market share amongst  insurance companies

7:  Budweiser has always had creative campaigns the frogs always come to mind when talking about effective marketing and branding.

6:  This campaign helped to bring awareness to Whole Foods and some of the creative things they did on a local level was to host health talks, offer free blood pressure screening, and other health related programs.

5:  This campaign launched by The American Dairy Farmers Association saw an new awareness of the value of milk and increased sales for milk producers.

4: Remember this campaign that led to more Coca Cola being bought across The U.S. Here one of the videos

3:  When I think of Applebee’s I think All Good In The Neighborhood, I even made a small PA Announcement as the extra point sailed through the uprights when I said it is up and good we’re going to Applebee’s. Their unique approach to being part of the community and having a sense of creativity has helped them to build their brand while also building revenue and creating loyal customers.

2:  The United Way’s Live United campaign has brought an awareness to the organization and their partnership with The NFL over the years has also increased their volunteer and donor base.

1:  Nike’s Just Do It campaign helped to propel Nike to become the #1 Footwear and Apparel Company in The World. It has gotten tot he point that they don’t have to even put their name on things they can just put the swoosh on campaigns and people know what it is. Another great creative program they launched is where you can visit their website and design your own shoes.

You may be thinking but I don’t have the budget that these companies have. I am here to tell you that you don’t need a huge budget you just need to be creative and proactive. The more creative you are and the more proactive you are the more successful you will be,


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