Advertisement Ideas: Wake Up and Make It Happen


Advertisement Ideas: Wake Up and Make It Happen

I was going to title this blog Wake The F Up America but wanting to keep the blog PG related I decided to title it Wake Up and Make It Happen. How many of you have called BS on the message to the right saying it can’t be done or it takes too  much money to make it happen, or I’ll never be able to do that? These negative beliefs are the beliefs that are stopping you from waking up ans making it happen. I am not here to tell you it is going to be easy because it takes some work and time. I am not here to blow smoke up your rear either and I am not going to pee on your shoes and tell you it is raining. I am here to tell you that with the right strategy and the right attitude and making the right connections you will make it happen. Let’s break down these 10 questions to help you to plan, implement, and evaluate the steps needed to take action to make it happen. I learned these in The Junior Chamber Of Commerce(Jaycees) and many have used them to become successful in their personal and professional life.

1: What is the primary purpose? This is a way to formulate your mission statement

2: What are the goals and objectives? This will help you see the big picture and to stay focused

3: What is The Manpower?This will help you to decide who you should seek to help

4:What Materials, Supplies, and Resources will be needed? This will help you in making your choices?

5: What Are The Potential Problems and Solutions?This will alleviate having to guess.

6: What is the Budget?- This will help in determining the cash outlay and pay back.

7: What are the steps necessary and the completion dates?  This will help you to stay focused

8: What revisions have you made to the original plan: tweaking the plan is always good practice

9: What Changes would you recommend for a similar project?

10: Give Specific and Measurable Results and a Summary of the project? Being able to give a summary  will help you to improve as you grow.

These questions were used to plan and implement and evaluate special projects that The Jaycees Ran. They translate into business as it lays out an opportunity to wake up and make it happen. It is when you have a road map to follow and adjust to that you are most successful.

Advertisement Ideas: Make It Happen

 I would like to introduce you to Bert Oliva, who has used the principles of Humanology to help many make it happen. Bert has been showing people the concept of mind over matter with his amazing audience breakthroughs that help the participants to overcome their fear. What fear is stopping you from moving forward and making it happen in your personal and professional life?

 Bert Oliva gives some great insight in this video to help you make it happen

   Advertisement Ideas: Motivation to Make It Happen

 I watched this video and found it to be a great message.Some called BS on this too, however I found that to make it happen you have to shift your mind and make a commitment to being different and standing out. Are you a wayseer working to making it happen.

When you get up in the morning and you make a decision to make it happen by coming from a position that is heart centered and filled with gratitude your journey in your business will flow easier than you could imagine.



Advertisement Ideas:Making It Happen in Your Marketing

It is important to make it happen in your marketing so as to create an awareness about your brand and to create a desire for people to do business with you.

 One way to do this is to define your passion and your reasoning for doing what you do, tell your story in your brochures, on the radio, on TV, in a blog, through social media. People will do business with you when they can resonate with your story.

There are other ways to make it happen in your marketing such as:

1. Have a clear  and easily understood message For example I recently worked with www.addictsmom.com and the message is this is a group designed to bring mothers from across the world together so that they can have a forum to share without shame.

2: Be consistent with your logo and your tag line. Think of NIKE, you see the swoosh and immediately think Just Do It! You see Allstate’s logo and think your in Good Hands,  What does your logo and tag line represent?

3: Promote the ways you are of value and service. Think of what sets you apart from everyone else.

4: Tie yourself to charities  This was an ad done by Kroger Supermarkets and as a result their sales increased because the communities that they serve bought into this idea, notice also the cooperative placement of yoplait(I will cover cooperative Advertising in a future blog entry).

5: Be consistent with your advertising campaigns. It is imperative to run ads consistently in many advertising venues so as to keep you on top of the consumer’s mind. I once had an advertiser run an ad for one week and tell me I didn’t get anything out of it. I answered considering that it takes many consumers 8 impressions to act what did you expect after a week.

6: Use testimonials. Have the testimonials speak to how you enriched your customer’s/ client’s life

7:  Optimize everything you do by understanding what your target audience is and what they are seeking. Many times a business owner will implement something they think is great only to find out that is not what their customer or client wanted.

Selena Gomez & David Henrie – Make it Happen (New) by Henrietta-Aime-Fumer_Tv This video encourages you to make it happen.

This week wake up and make it happen.



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