Advertisement Ideas: How To Be a Lifter and Lift Your Revenue


Advertisement Ideas: How To Be A Lifter and Lift Your Revenue

As I sat in The Catalyst Sermon tonight at  listening to Pastor Mike’s Wife, Eberly, speak about Fear and keeping the faith to be a lifter I began to think as business people what are we doing to be a lifter and what measures are we taking to lift our revenue. I then found the first way to be a lifter and lift your revenue. It is to overcome your fear. To do this ask yourself what am I fearful of and how will my faith conquer this false evidence appearing real.

 In The Movie Coach Carter the message of overcoming fear is evident and the character is quoting from Marrianne Williamson’s Poem about Fear.

Overcoming Business Fears

The biggest fear I hear from entrepreneurs and the non-profit organizations that I work with is  the fear of not having enough money to build on their mission. To over come this fear one must understand that it is when you give and are of service and value that you get and the supply becomes greater. In your advertising make it a point to show how you are a giver to the community. Many people are caught up in the what ifs and never get beyond the limits where those who go for it and put themselves out there find they lift people up and as a result their revenue is lifted. A great example of this is Janine Hinds who steeped beyond her fear to share and sell her concept of  Focus on Community and Ladders to leaders and today is following her passion and meeting with success. To see more about Janine Hinds visit www.teenfocused.com.

Another fear I hear is not getting clients and thus not having steady cash flow. Many times it is not ours to question where the money will come from but to implement the ideas that Passion + Action + Success and watch clients become attracted to us and help us to grow.  A great example of this is Pastor Mike who overcame his Fears of failure and began Rocketown in Pompano Beach and now serves a population of teenager with a positive message and as a result is succeeding and garnering community support. You can learn more about Pastor Mike and his mission at www.rockettownfl.org.

Once you overcome your fear and you follow your faith with passion great things begin to happen.

Ways to Be a Lifter and Lift Your Revenue

 Abba sings about money and provides a vision to follow to lift your revenue.

There are many ways to be a lifter and lift your revenue:

1: Be of service and value in all you do

2: Be loving and caring in all you do

3: Give back to the community

4: Give praise to others

5: Always be prepared to network while you are at events

6: Meet more people and share your goals and see how you can be of assistance to each other

7: Connect through social media with positive ideas and links to your website

8: Find advocates in the community to praise and support your business

9: Give exceptional products, services, and show gratitude

10: Look for ways to be creative and innovative

One of the keys to being a lifter and lifting your revenue is to make sure people know who you are and what you do. By creating a positive image as a lifter your revenue will be lifted.
 Brian Tracy speaks about overcoming fear.

Ask yourself what is your biggest fear? How will I face it and over come it? and then state I am a Lifter and I am lifting my revenue.

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