Advertisement Ideas: How To Use Testimonials Properly


 Jonathan JDOGG Lederman uses a video to express a marketing tip while also promoting his blogs.

Advertisement Ideas: How to Use Video Testimonials

 This is an example of a testimonial that was done by someone I worked with helping her to receive media coverage. Since the taping of this testimonial, Barbara has used my services on several occasions and each time makes the comment “When I have  enough money I want to hire you full-time. You may be asking well you have a video testimonial how is it helping your business? It is helping my business as I am able to post it on my youtube channel, I am able to share on Facebook,, and at twitter, @jdogglederman.  When you have video testimonials you can use them to build your credibility. One way is to use them effectively when doing a presentation at an event and you want people to sign-up for a workshop or to hire you for one on one projects. You can use the testimonials at a trade show by having an endless loop of 4-6 to show visitors to your booth. When you have a testimonial you can use it to build people’s trust. Remember people do business with people they know, like, and trust.  People will hear and see what people are saying and be compelled to hire you for your services.

A few keys to remember are:

1: Make the video seem scriptless.

2: Make it seem that the person is genuine and coming from the heart

3: Use the video effectively by annotating it with your web site or phone number- The above still needs to be edited.

4: Share the testimonial whenever and wherever possible

5: You can never have enough testimonials so find all your satisfied clients and record them.

Advertisement Ideas: How To Use Written Testimonials

Much like video testimonials written testimonials can be an effective way to build credibility. Here is a sample testimonial from Nancy Pena Brink of The Women Leadership Empowerment Group done for me unsolicited.

Friends… I had an absolutely fabulous conversation with Jonathan Lederman this morning. I wish that I had a tape recorder taping our call because it was filled with amazing nuggets and I could not write them down fast enough. I have paid literally thousands of dollars for coaching that does not come close to what I learned in one conversation with Jonathan. He helped me expand my vision of m…yself, WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP HOLIDAY LUNCHEON, Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Group and the Michael Joseph Brink Foundation. This conversation was a bonus on top of what our initial topic was about ‘how to do media advertising for an event.’ I can’t tell you how totally impressed I am with his background, his ability to educate and his compassion. I look forward to working with him and thank him so much for helping us get the word out for the 2011 WLEG HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA.

A testimonial like this is very powerful and can be used at your website, in all your social media, on all your marketing materials, on the back of a business card. In your print media campaign you can use a testimonial to strengthen your message.  The idea is to have as many written testimonials as possible so as to create a small portfolio book for others to see.

Envision this scenario – You are at an event and people are asking you what you do and you can tell them or better yet you can show them through testimonials. The conversation goes well and the person you are speaking with seems interested, what do you do next?  After the initial contact you send him/her a thank you email with a video and a written testimonial from different clients along with a special price quote if he/she chooses to use your services.  Using testimonials in this way is very effective. Remember that people like to do business with people they like, know, and trust. Testimonials show that others like you and trust you enough to recommend you.

When using a testimonial make sure it is authentic, specific, and enhances your presentation. You can click on my testimonials page to see more examples. Also do testimonials for others like this one as it helps get your name out there.

Another great use of testimonials is to use them in your presentations and in your videos. Testimonials are a great tool and when used properly will increase your credibility.

    Advertisement Ideas: Examples of Effective Testimonials

 Les Brown endorses Maurice Dimino’s Program

 Dr. Mia Merritt gives a testimonial for Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Awards.




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