Advertisement Ideas: Do You Give Good Or Bad Phone?


Advertisement Ideas: You Give Bad Phone

This blog was inspired by a recent call I made to Arts Alive in Coral Springs to follow up on  a voice mail message that I left.I was told I don’t recall, thus I stated why I was calling to set up an appointment to see how I could be of service and value through marketing and advertising. I was told I have A PR Company I answered okay I am not looking to be your PR Company I am looking to maximize your message by showing you what  I have to offer through Life Publications. His answer was we aren’t interested. I said no problem can I ask you   I was told no you are being pushy and this is the type of call we don’t want. I hung up and laughed because oblivisously this man missed the day they taught phone etiquette.


 Attention Business People!!!! This is the phone learn how to use it properly so as to attract business as you never know who is on the other end.

On another call a business owner from The Funky Biscuit  stated I do not get involved with the advertising and you will have to email my partner. This always strikes a nerve as we do not have to do anything we have the ability to choose to do things. This was a real turn off. I stated okay I’ll email your partner. A suggestion I have for those answering the phone, be courteous and open to receive and never tell someone they have to do anything instead state tahnk you for inquiring about that we handle all those requests via email or  please direct this inquiry to our marketing director at his/her email address. Also think about it you may be speaking to someone who has some influence in the community, like myself who has a blog and decides to share a negative expereince or a positive experience with those that visit. Those visitors may know some people who would have become customers so your one negative encounter can have a rippling effect thus remember the way you act on the phone can impact your business.

 Treat every call as it is the most important call you may have that day. Imagine it is Commissioner Gordon Calling Batman. You are Batman, the person that will be a hero to your company by having great phone skills.

Advertisement Ideas: You Give Great Phone

I must commend the people at Bagel Bagel Cafe in Coconut Creek as I called them and was greeted with a pleasant  Bagel Bagel Cafe this is Peter how can I help you. I asked if they had wi-fi and was pleasantly told yes. I then asked about dropping of The Coconut Creek Life Magazine and some other information again I was told sure I won’t be here that long so if you can come by in the next few minutes it would be greatly appreciated. I applaud and celebrate Peter as he understands that the phone can be the first line of marketing and the impression that is made on the phone is valuable to the business.

 If you are in Coconut Creek stop by Bagel Bagel Cafe on 441 and Johnson  and meet the people who give good phone.

Another area where you need to give good phone is in your voice mail. I can not tell you how many times I get a voice mail and think what was this business thinking. Remember the voice mail message is a great way to buid your brand and confidence in your customers/client. A good 15-20 second message that is warm and welcoming will attract more people. One of my pet peeves is getting a voice mail and not hearing the company nameand info about the company, especially if you are using your cell phone for business. Today I heard a great voice mail from Laura Parke who is a dive instructor, It was creative and informative.  I even told her that I was impressed by her message when I left a message.

 Laura Parke is a great example of someone who uses her voice mail as a marketing tool.


Advertisement Ideas: Phone Tips

1: Be Courteous

2: Be Receptive

3: Be of Service

4: Be Helpful

5: Be Polite

6: Make People calling feel important

7: Leave a great impression

8: Promote the business

9: Enhance the experience of the caller

10: Smile

This should be the attitude when answering the phone. I remember being a counter control supervisor at a local bowling center and  I trained everyone to answer the phone Hello Thank You For calling Brunswick Margate Lanes, Would you like to join a league? This planted many a seed in those that called and in the summer that year we put over 1,599 bolwers into leagues. The key is to make every call a special one as you never know where it may lead.

Another reason to do what the caller requests. AOL received some bad media coverage as a result.

This is a training video that I hope will lead you and your staff to give good phone.

This week look at how you are handling people on the phone and make the improvements needed to give those that call a great exerience and leave them bragging about your company.














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