Advertisement Ideas: Why Use A Professional Voice


Advertisement Ideas: Why Use A Professional Voice

    I am asked many times why should I use a professional voice when I have my own voice? The simple answer a professional voice adds credibility to all that you do. Often times I hear a commercial with the owners voice and I think why did his marketing people let him do this. There is a car dealership in Palm Beach that advertises and the gentleman comes on and his voice  is very annoying to me and I think I am never going there. Then I think how many people think the same way. Sometimes even a professional voice can turn off potential clients so think about how someone sounds when you hire them.Let’s compare a few videos, tell me which one you would have chosen to use and why did you make this choice.


This video is of one the people I follow and admire greatly.Recognize the voice?


Advertisement Ideas: Choosing Your Voice

      When choosing to use a professional voice there are many things to consider?

1: Do they represent my product or service well?

2: Would the person doing the voice use my product or service?

3: Will the voice attract the people and garner the response I am seeking?

4: Do they seem natural or are they forcing the words?

5: Does the voice resonate with the audience or is the audience switching dials or turning the station

The above are some examples of capturing the audience.

As You choose your voice talent remember a good voice can draw business while a poor voice will turn business away.



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