Advertisement Ideas: Making Love to The Media


It was a crowded networking event and I was thinking what could I say or do when asked what I do so the entire night I answered I make love to the media. This response peaked some peoples interest and offended others however I guarantee everyone will remember JDOGG the guy who makes love to the media.

As the event slowed down and people were leaving one of the patrons stopped me and asked the question how do you make love to the media? My answer was like a good lover I start with foreplay teasing tem with a catchy headline, then I entice them with great releavant and entertaining content, then I give them the big o with contact information. as a result of the JDOGG Method I have been able to secure media coverage for organizations like The American Cancer Society, The Jaycees, Muscular Dystrophy and several business people who continue to utilize my talent to make love to the media. Giving the media what they want and knowing what they are looking for is the key. The main thing is to remember it is more about helping them do their job and feeding them ready mad articles that are pertinent and entertaining. One way to get their interest is to reference current activities. Through your creativity you will capture the attention of the media person you are contacting and peak their interest and in the end you will start to get the coverage you want. After you get the coverage send the media person a thank you note so to acknowledge your appreciation. The process is proven and will work if you implement them tease them, please them, thank them and if they move on make friends with their replacement.

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