Advertisement Ideas: No More Excuses


Advertisement Ideas: Stop Making Excuses and Do Something

Magic Johnson didn’t make excuses when in 1992 he was diagnosed with HIV, his performance in the NBA All Star Game that year was amazing. I chose Magic as my lead example because he could have said poor me, however he used the resources he had and stayed on a regiment to keep him healthy. When the economy wasn’t so good and most people were pulling money out of the community Magic was expanding his commitment to the community.

 The Magic Theatres created jobs during the build out and continues to provide jobs in the community all because Majic Johnson didn’t make excuses. Some will say but he is worth $800 million and has access to things that I never will. This is called lack thinking. The only difference between you and Magic Johnson is that Magic persevered and overcame obstacles and did not allow the negative people to influence him. He built a brand on core values becoming knowledgable in all he presents. I use Magic as a way to lift you up and inspire you as it all comes back to not making excuses.

Advertisement Ideas: Excuses Be Gone

    Dan Caro is an amazing person who could have made excuses and pointed fingers at others after he nearly lost his life in a fire when he was 2 years old. His Book The Gift Of Fire is an incredible read that I found inspiring. I first saw Dan on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Special Excuses Be Gone. I recently became friends with him on Facebook and about 2 months ago I interviewed him on my radio show, Get Motivated With Jonathan JDOGG Lederman. Dan’s is another example of  overcoming adversity and not making excuses.  I share his story so as to remind you that the only thing holding you back in your business is you.    

Advertisement Ideas: Turning Excuses Into Opportunities

              Excuses should be eliminated and turned into positive thoughts think how many times you may have said the following and how it affected your business:

1: I am not Interested- By not being interested you have shut off opportunities that could benefit you as you never know how someone can be of service and value to you. For example I have stopped into a Mattress Store in Boca Raton twice in the last 2 months to promote The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and each time was told by a mangaer’ Can’t you see I am busy doing business and I can’t be bothered with this,” the first time I politely said thank you and left.The 2nd time it got a bit heated to the point a coworker of his put his hands on me and was being aggressive I did what I needed to do and I left and prayed for guidance for me and the people in that store. They didn’t know how I could have assisted them and the good will that would have come if they were open and receptive. The key here is to remember everyone you come in contact with can be of help to you.

2: I can’t afford- Again this is coming from a position of lack and is holding you back. Change it to I will find a way and guess what everything will work out.  A great example of this is about 1 year ago I wanted to attend Coach Shantel Springer’s Gratitude Retreat, I didn’t think I could afford it, but then something happened I took a moment and prayed and was directed to sell my gold ring, I did and guess what The money was enough  for the retreat and then some. Remember you have the resources you just have to find them.

Shantel Springer walks her talk and helps others to overcome limiting beliefs with her gratitude coaching. www.gratitude coaching.com

3:  I am not a celebrity- You don’t have to be a celebrity you can create celebrity status locally by being of service and value and letting people know who you are and what you do. There is a local car dealership in my area where the father and son use pictures of themselves in their ads, they are involved in several chamber of commences, and do many charitable events. The have become local celebrities and as a result their sales have increased and their service department revenue has grown.

4: I am fine the way I am- I am reminded of an old saying if you are not growing you are dying. If your sales are where they were last year you are not fine as you are most likely operating at a loss. How do you turn this around by using phrases like I am expanding, I am improving, I am attracting new customers.

5:  The Ecomony Sucks- I hear this and think in many cases it is not the economy it is you.  Look deep inside and see what are you offering to the consumer that others aren’t? What are you doing to be creative and proactive?Are you watching trends in your community?  Regardless of economic situations as an entrepreneur you can attract revenue. In my area there is a hair salon, Hair on Fire, I stopped in to share information about Life Publications, www.lifepubs.com, to see if this would be a good fit for their advertising. The owner wasn’t in, however the girls were ver receptive and took the information and we spoke about how they are marketing themselves. I then noticed they had a display with incense and essential oils, guess what?I bought some incense and in the next few days I will go back for more. By offering other products and services this business created an additional revenue stream. This business has been in the plaza for about 7 months and is growing because they aren’t buying into the news.


This week make a commitment for No More Excuses and watch your business grow

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