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We hear it all the time greatness is achieved when preparation meets opportunity and always  be prepared. How many of us cringe at the thought of getting up in front of a crowd and speaking? When I read the other day that the # 1 fear of people in America is Public Speaking and death ranks #2, I thought of a quote I heard that means at a funeral more people would rather be the one in the casket than the one delivering the eulogy. I began to ponder and thought back to a few of my speeches made over time and presentations that I have done and how nervous I was and then the minute I grabed the microphone and began my presntation how comfortable I became. Recently I had the opportunity to do The PA Announcing and Radio Play by Play for The Miami Fury Game, which aired on The Michigan Regional Sports Network(www.mrsn.us) on May 14 and I told the team owner that I was a bit nervous and she reassured me that I would do fine.

I did the game and The Fury prevailed 12-9 and as Ia rrived home their was a text message taht the radio people liked my work and wanted me to to travel to Jacksonville with no pay to do the game. Logisitically this just wouldn’t work out.

My nervousness prior to the game quickly went away as I realized that I had prepared and was ready for this. I had the stats of both teams, and of couse I knew the small details about The Miami Fury as I have been doing their games for the last 4 years and had done 2 previous games this year. As I listened to the playback of the game I began to think that my preparation paid off  because I was able to give the fans some extra insight into the game and that night over 200 people heard me do my 1st radio play by play broadcast. Being prepared is one of the key elements for success in this industry.

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