As I marked Martin Luther King Jr. Day today I began to think when it comes to publicity should you buy it or get it for free. If your story is relevant and entertaining and resonating you don’t need to buy publicity you will secure it by simply being known as a provider of great content. Dr. King had great content and a way of conveying his message to create awareness and action. In his speeches you will see a pattern that can be used in your publicity campaign:

1: Grab The Audience Dr. King Did this with voice inflection

2: Keep Your Audience Dr. King did this with resonating stories

3: Have a Message- All of Dr, King’s Speeches had a substantive Message

4: Have a strong Call To Action- Many of Dr. King’s Speeches  resonated so much with people that they took action.

I chose his last speech as it was prophetic as he was assinated the next day. His messages were strong and we are still awaiting equality for all.

Imagine, in your business today you did a Tribute to Dr. King and raised money for yout programs in the inner-city and wrote about what what you were doing. The media outlets would come running as you honored a leader. Perhaps you didn’t agree with DR. King’s Rhetoric and you made a statement by not honoring him think of the media attention that would gather. I personally believe that the movement he started still has a long way to go as their exist many inequities today still in the work place and educational arena. Great strides have been made however more need to be taken.

Advertising Ideas: Advertorials

Think about all the times you read ads and you see paid advertisement in the form of an advertorial. I immediatel think how inauthentic this is as that person paid to give their opinion. Think about the many times Dr. King gave unsolicited opinions and the impact it had on the community. You want to do the same when you are doing your publicity. You want to create a desire in the hearts and minds of reporters to cover your events for good reasons. If you are a retail business it is time to get creative by creating promotions  that will be relevant, entetaining, and resonating. The ideas are plenty just think and remember to get the word out.

In 2008 these were the top 10 media websites. The question is how do you get featured on them. The answer have something unique and different to pitch  to their editors. Become a resource for great content. Make friends with editors and reporters and feed them stories that are relevant, entertaining, and resonating. Deliver a message like Dr. King and you will get noticed. Visit the sotes and respond to the articles and direct poeple to your site.

Advertising Ideas: Knowing the Trends

By knowing the trends you can determine whether or not to buy publicity. I would recommend having great information that will increase readership, viewership, traffic, or followers and get as much as you can for free.




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