Advertisement Ideas: Tebow or No Tebow?


Would Tebow be your Choice for a Spokesperson?


I have been intrigued by Tim Tebow since I first saw him play. I studied his background and found we shared the Philippines in common as well as a passion for life and football. As I watched him throw for 316 yards yesterday I couldn’t help but to recall the Rainbow Man who used to show up at NFL Games with John 3:16. I then did  quick math and saw that he average 31.6 yards per pass, again 3:16. Is this coincidence or is there a message to be be learned here. There are many detractors that will find fault with Tebow.His entire playing career he was doubted. I admire him for overcoming all the naysayers and being a leader on and off the field.

Rainbow Man Spreads His Message

In advertising one of the questions we ask is will using a spokesperson or tying my promotions to Tebow enhance my brand and increase my revenue. Think about if you offer a special this week to anyone wearing a Tebow Jersey, or you go purchase some Tebow memorabilia and host a raffle with part of the proceeds going to a children’s charity. There are many ways to capitalize on his story and create a buzz about your business.

 Advertisement Ideas: Does Your Message Resonate?

Each time I watch Tim Tebow’s speech after the loss to Ole Miss I am moved by his passion. There are several speeches that resonate with me. My top 5 are:

5: Tebow After The Loss to Ole Miss

4: John Capelitti Heisman Acceptance

3: Jim Valvano ESPY Acceptance

2: John Fitgerald Kennedy inauguration Speech

1: Martin Luther King I have a Dream

This really got me to thinking does your message resonate with your target audience. Is your message relevant, entertaining, and resonating? If your message is not setting you apart from others and creating a memorable impression here are a few things you can do.

1: Create a recognizable Logo with a tag line that set you apart

2: Find out what your customers are looking for and  create a message around that

3: Study your target demographics and tailor make your message to fit them

4: Reinforce the message in all that you do.If you have a store front or office have it reflect your core values. If you work from home and use your cell phone for business make sure your message conveys your values and a reason for people to do business with you.

5: Share your message on all your collateral material, letterhead, website, promotional items. Be consistent.


Advertisement Ideas: Choice Wisely

I chose Tebow and Rainbow Man to express a point that they both had a message and used the platform they were given to deliver it. Imagine being able to reach over 1 million people with your message each week. This can be done by choosing the right people to align yourself with and by maximizing your message. You can do this in a myriad of ways:

1: Use Social Media such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, et al,

2: Use traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio,

3: Use www.freeconferencecall.com and  record a call every week

4: Create a radio show on Blog Talk Radio

5: Utilize sites like www.cinch.fm, www.brainshark.com

This week find a way to maximize your message.

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