Advertisement Ideas: Bowling For Dollars


Advertisement Ideas: Bowling For Dollars

Like Bowling Advertising Success Takes a Good Approach

    As someone who goes bowling often and is also a United States Bowling Congress Level II Coach and past sales director of a bowling center I have  seen how bowling can serve as a example for life. In advertising we are all looking to bowl for dollars and create a strong brand. As in bowling advertising success is determined by the approach. I personally use a 4 step approach that illustrates just how advertising is like bowling:

1: The push away- This is the first step, in advertising is is the research process finding where the best places to advertise are
2: The extension- This is the second step, in advertising it is the decision and design process building momentum
3: The back swing- This is the third  step, in advertising this is the placement of the add with a strong call to action
4: The release- this is the fourth step, in advertising this is the measurability of the add like how many customers did it attract, how many inquiries were made.
     As the ball travel downs the lane in bowling it will gain speed and strike the pins in some case it will land in the channel (gutter) and in some cases you will make a strike. In advertising you will gain  momentum with the right offer or correct message and you will reach your target audience, in some cases your return on investment may be small and in some case you will make a strike. Sometime you will be in the middle where you need to shoot for a spare, a second chance. In bowling a perfect game is made up of 12 strikes in advertising a perfect game is made up of a consistent message that is seen or heard on a regular basis.  In bowling of the lane conditions change you can change your ball, in advertising if conditions change you can change your venue.















When Bowling Fior Dollars Works With Effective Advertising




Advertisement Ideas: The Prize


      In bowling the prize is a high score, a championship, a trophy, and money.In advertising the prize is a stronger brand and more revenue. The better your campaign the better the prize.

This fill your bowl with dollars through effective advertising.




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