Customer Loyalty: Is There More To It Than Price?



I am often asked how do I build customer loyalty? I answer by having a good price point, being of service and value, and building your brand. This often leads to what if someone doesn’t want to pay my price? I answer they aren’t the customer for you as you don’t want price shoppers as there is more to it than just price. Ask yourself why do I keep going back to places or doing business with someone? I often go to places that make me feel welcome and appreciated, I do business wuith those who do the same. I will  galdly pay a little more knowing that I am appreciated. I really get a kick when someone at a place or a person I do business with recognizes me and says hello JDOGG how are you doing and is genuine about this. I often do business with people or companies that support the charitable endeavors or special events that I am involved in. There is a lot that goes into building customer loyalty.

Words to build customer loyalty


When I choose to drink a soda I ask for Coca-Cola Products whereas some people ask for Pepsi Products. My loyalty as a Coca Cola Customer goes back to the first time I heard the word I want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony on a Coke Commercial. From then on it was Coca Cola Products in my house. Today I hardly drink soda but when I do I open a can of happiness with a coke. Both Coke and Pepsi have built customer loyalty by being more than a price point product they have captured pop culture sponsoring events to cultivate customer loyalty, aligning themselves with charitable causes, and agressively marketing themselves.

You may not have a Coke or Pepsi Budget, however you have an opportunity to build customer loyalty by creating an image that resonates with the consumer. One thing you can do is to create the identity as the local expert in your field or the place to come for outstanding products and services. You can create a buzz by sponspring little league baseball, youth football, music events, city events, and having a a presence in the market place. There is a local retailer in my community that has become the place to go for gifts as they usually have something for everyone. I first went to Pizazz at The Promenade in Coconut Creek, because I met the owner and liked her message she gave as she introduced herself at a chamber of commerce meeting. I initially went to the store to sell advertising and ended up shopping there a few Christmases ago. I found unique gifts for several people on my list. I then discovered they sell jelly bellies so when I am in the area and craving jelly beans where to I shop? You guessed it at Pizzaz.

Coke and Pepsi Fight for Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty: Tricks to Keep Customers

Their are many ways to build customer loyalty some that I have found work well are:

1: Customer Reward Cards- Like buy 5 pairs of shoes get the 6th 1/2 price, Buy 7 subs get the 8th free,

2: Customer Appreciation Days- Everyone customer receives 10% of of purchases $20  or more

3: Birthday Recognition- sending a card with a certificate that can be redeemed towards a purchase

4: Holiday Cards- Sending customers a Holiday Card with a special holiday offer

5: Special in store giveaways on a regular basis- to win the give a way a purchase has to be made and an email given

Customer Loyalty being Built

This week think of creative ways to build customer loyalty.


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