Target Marketing: How to Hit The Bullseye


 Target Marketing: Ready Aim Fire


When I think of target marketing I think  archery where the most points are rewarded for hitting a bullseye. I asked someone the other day waht is their target audience and I was told everyone desiring to lose weight. This answer goes against many principles of marketing as not everyone is your target and not everyone will have a desire for your product or service. The first step is to get ready to reach your target market, the next phase is to aim at your target market, and finally fire at your target market.  The concept of target marketing has many components here are 3 to get you started.

. Have a Defined Audience- For example Moms aged 25-54 with annual income of $50,000 living in homes vaued at $250,000 +

. Find the sources that reach this desired audience- Local Publications, Localized Websites, schools, churches, synagouges, PTA’s

. Devise a plan of action to reach the audience

The Goal of Target Marketing is To Hit The Bullseye

Target Marketing: How To Hit The Bullseye

Just like the archer taking aim and steadying  his hand an entreprenuer takes stock and answers questions how do I hit the bullseye with my target marketing. For many the first image of target marketing is getting directly infront of the consumer with a flier placed on their car in a heavily traffic area, The challenge is what if the peopel driving the cars aren’t your target?  THus it is imperative to know who you want to reach and design a plan to get in front of them. A few ways to do this are:

1. Research all the advertising vehicle that are synegistic with your audience

2. Frequent places your target audience visits and have your literature ready to be handed to them

3. Design a program that creates a desire for your product or service

4. Hav a strategic target marketing plan that will put you in front of the audience that you desire.


Target Marketing Creates Cash

Target Marketing: A Case Study

When I began my fundraising campaign for The American Cancer Society Relay for Life of West Boca Raton I found myself asking myself who is my target audience. I initially said everyone I can talk to as most everyone I know has been touched by cancer. I then changed that to those working in businesses in The West Boca Area and my twitter followers, and my facebook friends. I further narrowed it to those 25-54, whos have been touched by cancer, and earn over $40,000. The task was challenging however once the list was narrowed I was able to tailor my fundraising efforts to this audience and found what worked with this group and implemented it. My strategy was simple:

1: Use the  templates available

2: Design Materials and send them out or distribute them

3: Make the ask on facebook and on twitter directing people to

4: Continue to research places this audience frequents and set up fundraisers there.

This week use target marketing to build your brand and increase your revenue.






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