Brand Awareness: DO I KNOW YOU?


Brand Awareness- Do I Know You


John Travolta Exemplifies Brand Awareness

Do you recognize this photo?  This is  a great example of Brand Awareness as after over 30 years this picture is still noticeable and shows the importantance of brand awareness. John Travolta  has become a very recognizable individual and when asked do you know me the answer is yes. When building your brand think, will the majority of people be able to answer yes to the question Do I Know You. Now the question How do you get kown.

1: Be consistent with your branding and your message- Don’t confuse the public.

2: Find avenues where your target audience is to display your brand and your nessage

3: Be of service and value in your dealings with everyone

4: Position yourself as the talented expert that you are.

5: Have relevant, entertaining, and resonating information.

Brand Awareness- How Recognizable is Your Tag Line

Brand Awareness is Displayed by This Logo

Can you name the tag line for Publix? If you said Where Shopping Is a Pleasure you are correct. Think about how you are using your tag line for example can you name the tag line for the following. If you comment and are the first to be correct you will recieve a free consultation from me:

. Toys R Us-

. Allstate

. McDonald’s

The use of tagline enhance your brand awareness and should be catchy and easy to remember. A few years ago Domino’s used 30 Minutes or its free. This was a great promotion until drivers were getting tickets for speeding and creatig accidents so now Dominos uses You have 30 minutes as their tag line.

When developing your tag line think of

. Does it reflect my core values

. Is it memorable

. Will it appeal to my target audience

. Will it stand the test of time

This video shows some effective tag lines. This week use your tag line effectively.






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