Marketing Strategy: Effective Marketing Tools


Marketing Strategy- Building The Program


I am often asked what makes for the best marketing strategy? My answer is generally to do what works for you and reaches the desired audience for you. Think of you as being in the center of the circle and you want to reach people inside and outside the circle. You put together a survey and you determine the audience. Then it is time to find effective marketing tools.



Using Effective Marketing Tools

There are many ways to build a strategy:

1. Know who your audience is

2. Target specific programs to them

3. Know what media they use for information

4. Determine where you can and how you can effectively reach the audience

Marketing Strategy- Effective Marketing Tools

One way to market is to use special days. For example today was Halloween and a way to capitilize on this day was to offer a trick or treat program at your location of if you don’t have a brick and mortar building you could have carried candy with you attached to your business card and given it out to people you came in contact with. The idea here is to make sure that you make an impression.

   Thanksgiving is coming up and a strategy that could work is to have a drawing for a $50 Publix card where potential clients/customers and current customers and clients can enter. You can host a non-perishable food drive and promote it and publicize it. You can volunteer at a local soup kitchen take photos and show how you give back to the community.

       The best marketing tool is you as you can be creative and proactive with your marketing. The key is to plan the work and implement a straetgy that will assist you in reaching your goals and objectives.

         When I joined The Jaycees in 1989 one of our projects was The Spreading The Joy Program, which provided food baskets for needy families and took needy children on a Holiday Shopping Spree. The greatest marketing strategy we used was to stand out infront of Winn-Dixie, Publix, and KMART with fliers and a decorated table along with members dressed as a gorilla, Santa Claus, Elves. We had a Menorah displayed and as a result we fed raised enough money to feed 30 families and take 75 kids holiday shopping. Another marketing strategy that proved to be an effective marketing tool was to approach local businesses via the phone and in person and through email.

This week as you implement our marketing strategy use effective marketing tools like tweets, facebook posts, linked in status updates, handing out fliers, sending emails, and promoting what you are doing to all thos eyou come in contact with. By being proactive and planning your marketing sttrategy you will find effective marketing tools that work for you.

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