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JDOGG Ties in The Start Of Football to His Promotional Campaign

I walked into McDonald’s today because it was Wednesday and that means $.49 hamburgers. As I entered I noticed all the signage promoting different menu items and I added to my order thus a trip in to use the wi-fi and have 2 burgers and a iced tea turned into a 10 piece nuggets, 2 burgers, and a large tea for a total of $6.22. The point being that the point of sale advertising added $3.89 to an order that would have been $2.33. It is proven that appealing point of sale signange is effective. Thus it brings me to the question if you have  a brick or mortar business are you using point of sale signage to increase your sales?

People tell me all the time JDOGG I don’t need signage I run a home based business. My reply is what about signage on your car so as to peak people’s interest when you are out? How about signage in the form of a name tag to wear while out in public? One of my clients recently put her before and after picture showing her dramtic weight loss on the back of her truck along with a quick Ask Me How and a phone #. I spoke to her last week and she was excitted about the results. Hats Off to you Coach Shantel Springer for being proactive and taking action to create success. I recently read posts by The Name Tag Guy, Scott Ginsberg, who spoke about wearing a name tage 24/7 and is in the process of writing a book on his experiences. I am reminded of the comedian who in his act says here’s your sign or my friend Eddie Rodriquez who has a yellow sign that reads this is a good sign that hangs on his cart while he walks spreading happiness. As a result of using signage these 3 people are getting results.

Somteimes having  a branded shirt to wear or something that relates to you and what you do. As an example I do Public Address Announcing for sports teams thus I have  a jersey with the # 18 and JDOGG on the back. I am in the process of getting more made so I continue to brand myself while at sporting events even those I am not announcing. Think about a unique way you can brand yourself and implement it. I look forward to hearing about what you are doing to build your brand.

After you have the signage start to take videos of your self with messages or testimonials  or some type of promotion.<iframe width=350″ height=”350″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe><iframe width=”350″ height=”350″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

The key with the video is to keep it interesting and informative. Remember most people want to be informed and entertained. If your video does both you will increase the possibility of them doing buisiness with you.

You can also make signage and videos interesting with current events. This week Jeff Gordon, Nascar Driver, won his 85th race in his careeer putting him at the #3 spot in the all time wins list. As an advertisement you could do an ad,  in honor of Jeff Gordon’s 85th victory take $.85 off any purchases of $8.50 or more. On 9/11/11 we mark 10 years since a tragic event. You can tie many promotions around this like a complimentary American Flag, a free service to all service personnel, firefighters, law enforcement officials, and first responders. Another event is NFL Opening Night. One thing you can do with this is host a watch party and invite everyone to come and network with you at a local sports pub.

The idea is to capitilize on your signage, your videos, and to keep current. This week as you continue to grow your business and increase your visibility make an effort to implement a plan that will get you noticed.






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