Advertisement Ideas: Be Yourself and Do What Moves You


Woke up this morning determined to have fun and accomplish what I set out to do and allow my source to guide me. My first meeting was with The Friends of Military Children who are doing great work helping those left behind. I encourage you to look them up at The advantage of partnering with them is that you can state in all your advertising proud to support Friend Of Military Children. By doing this you will build an interest from those that share the same interest.

My next stop was to see my chiropractor, Dr. Season Schelin, to get an adjustment and get refocused and centerted. When you are centered and aligned you can tap into source and be guided to success. This also gave me a chance to leave my business cards, which is something I do everywhere I go as you never know where business may come from.

Then it was off to pay my Insurance, the girl at the office was by herself and wasn’t really to customer service oriented as it was 94 degrees outside and she basically said they were closed as the principals were at a staff meeting and she wasn’t authorized to receive payments ans could I wait 30 minutes to which I said no, please let me come in to write this check and then just email a receipt. I wrote the check and left it with here. Advertising and marketint tip, never make your clients uncomfortable because one on no ruins 1000 at a boys.

As I made my trip home I spotted the Power 96 van at Miami Subs and  I stopped in and as I was there handed those in charge my card and then gave samples of my voice and did this video. I also tweeted that I was at Miami Subs to my 477 followers. The reason for doing this was to show them that I am a very good voice person and so that I will be on their radar. By being my self and going with the flow of the day I was productive.

I then had my picture taken and posted it immediately on facebook Tony the manager said he was impressed and would give me a call. The lesson here is to be yourself and do what moves you. Lo0k for the signs that source is sending you and take action.

As I state all the time Passion + Action = Success. Here are some action steps you can take to help you and your business.

.  Make a plan for the day and follow mit as best as you are able tweaking it along the way

. Do what you feel is right and be consistent because how you do one thing is how you do everything

. Come from a position of joy and gratitude and let source guide you

. Be of service and deliver value to all you come in contact with

. Be yourself



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