Advertisement Ideas: Get Digital With It!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Get Digital With It!!!

Long before people began to speak about leaving a digital footprint I was doing just that as I believe it is important to record everything so you can have content to show off and thus strengthen your brand while also increasing your revenue. This video was done 6 years ago as part of a mastermind group, Tuesdays With Barbara. I made it a point to do interviews with as many people from this group as possible to illustrate how powerful video is and to also show that you can start with just a cell phone and work up to doing professional fully edited videos. The time is now for you to get digital with it. If you are say you are not ready for that or you can not afford that you will find yourself behind those in your industry who are using video content to build their brand and increase their revenue.
I hosted a TV Show on www.wrpbitv.com, The Anything Bucket, and I explained to potential guests how important it was to come on the show and purchase their clip. Those that came on and purchased their clip and utilized the clip as I demonstrated to them how to maximize their message did very well. I was amazed by how many people said no to being interviewed or buying their clip. Many of the people who came in didn’t understand the concept of multiple impressions and took advantage of the free interview only to be disappointed with the results. I explained that a 1 time airing to 50,000 people would not give them the results they were looking for that they really needed to purchase the clip and share it across social media platforms and on their website and even email it to potential clients. Those that followed this formula did well while those who did not continue to wonder why their business is slow.
Yes I did this video on my phone in front of the restroom at a local business. It allowed me to upload it from there to YouTube where it has been viewed 73 times. Some will say well 73 views is not much. My answer it is something and as a result I have something I can share with people to show them an example of my knowledge of helping to maximize their message.

When getting Digital With It it is important to have video testimonials to share so you gain credibility in the marketplace. If you have satisfied clients/customers ask if they would like to do a video testimonial for you then take out your phone and record the video. It is important to use your digital opportunities to increase brand awareness and increase cash flow.
When you have the opportunity to do a video testimonial for others that resonate with you take the opportunity as you never know who may see you and want to look you up to use your services. In Getting Digital With It it is important to create a following for those you associate with so as to build additional credibility in the market place.
This video was done 5 years ago and has had 278 views. As a result many people visited the website and made donations. Utilizing video and leaving a digital footprint is a fantastic way to maximize your message and exceed your financial goals. It is important to get the word out to as many people as you can as you never know who will see your video and how they can positively impact your business or non-profit organization.

JDOGG Lederman Celebrates With The SEVA Honorees

JDOGG Lederman Celebrates With The SEVA Honorees.

Five years ago I hosted The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Awards as a way to honor those is the community who exemplified the idea that service to humanity is the best work of life. I share this photo as it is important to have digital documentation to show how you are of value and service to others. This is part of Getting Digital With It. I generally take and post photos of events that I have emceed or sporting events that I have announced at to show people that I am walking the walk and talking the talk so when it comes time to book me for a gig they will think of me before others in the industry.

This is JDOGG

JDOGG Brings Excitement To All He Does

When getting Digital With It it is important to have a consistent message and to make changes as necessary so that you will be resonating, entertaining, and relevant. The key is to make sure you have leaving a digital footprint on the top of your mind to maximize your message.






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