Advertisement Ideas: Prioritize This!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Prioritize This!!!

photo get-your-priorities-straightWhen you opened your business today what were your priorities? Did you write down your priorities and make sure they were in sync with your goals and objectives? So many times when working with entrepreneurs I find that many do not set priorities and thus continue to be on this endless hamster wheel that creates a struggle. The end result of this struggle is that they fail to thrive and eventually close their business. I always ask people who I work with what did you do to promote your business today? Many times the answer is nothing people will come because they are in the plaza anyway or they are by where we are located and will see us and come in out of curiosity.  I give the people I work with the strategy to do out reach to potential customers daily while also having a retention program to keep existing customers.  I have worked for people over the last 40 years and I have seen that the successful ones are innovative and seek to stay ahead of the curve while those who close up their business get set in their ways and are closed-minded. I have also found that many business owners do not get out of their own way and as a result they believe they know everything. I was told by a very prominent business coach, Bert Oliva, that “The Day You Think You Know Everything Is The Day You Start To Lose Everything,” this is so true as you begin to alienate those that truly want to help you.  What are your priorities today? How do these priorities fit with the over all core model for your business? Are you listening to the people working with you?

 Do you make a daily plan and adjust it as needed so as to maximize your message and increase revenue. When you decide to work your business each day you should know what you are going to do. You should have a goal and an action plan to meet that goal. If you simply say I am going to open the business and whatever money comes in is fine you are setting yourself up to struggle. I was told by a manager at one of the retail stores that I should be happy that we do not have sales goals? This took me a back because as a fellow manager with many years of experience I found that having sales goals and getting the staff to buy in to the sales goals was a priority daily. If you do not have a plan you will go around in circles and your priority  list will grow and grow and becoming overwhelming. To avoid this from happening have a plan to have 5 priorities daily that can be met that will add to your brand recognition and your revenue growth. The key is to plan your work and work your plan making adjustments along the way.

Advertisement Ideas:  A Tool To Help You To Prioritize!!!

 I am a firm believe that if it is in sight it is in flight and if it is out of sight it is out of mind thus I always recommend that you have  a planner with daily notes  so that you will see your priorities and thus be able to take action to successfully complete tasks that will build your brand and increase your revenue. In my retail experience I have found that writing things like I will greet the customer within 5 seconds of them entering the store and engage them so that I can make a sale has helped me to prioritize my activities and thus exceed the goals set for the day. In 1988 I went to work for Oaktree a men’s clothing store and with in my first 3 weeks I became the #1 sales person in the country. The reason for this is that I used daily notes to prioritize my day. I would write

  1. Put customers first
  2. Process shipment
  3. Merchandise the store
  4. Clean The Store
  5. Brief next shift on status of daily goals and priorities

 In having priorities and making sure you pay attention to all aspect of your business whatever industry you are in will insure that you move in a positive direction of your goals. Remember those who do not prioritize and fail to plan are the ones who fail.

 It is important to be aware of your priorities. Don’t be the business that opens up a store and doesn’t have a website. Don’t be the sports team that operates on a shoe string budget and says they don’t need an announcer. Don’t be a business who has a target market in Broward County and then promote in Palm Beach County. Don’t be a business that is constantly owing people money and saying oh we didn’t have a contract. Make it a priority to be an upstanding ethical business who conducts all their affairs in a professional manner so that when someone says something bad about your business others will say I haven’t encountered that issue with them. Make it a priority to be seen in a positive light by make yourself someone who is known, liked, and trusted. Build solid symbiotic relationships and you will see your business grow.  Take the first step by prioritizing!!! Namaste!!!

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