Advertisement Ideas: Being Open To Change!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Being Open To Change!!!

In the business environment that is ever evolving we as business leaders must be open to change. As we all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. In my 40 years of working on special events, helping business owners to excel, and fundraising I have recognized so many people who were not willing to make changes or listen to alternatives. These people kept struggling and many went out of business. I have witnessed many a successful entrepreneur or marketing executive gather input from employees and put some of the ideas into action and as a result they have had success as their revenue went up and their brand recognition increased. I have  come to realize that when someone is not willing to make changes or listen to ideas that have their best interest in mind you simply have to let go and let GOD knowing you did the best you could to improve their business. In recognizing that changes must be made to create a viable business you will grow your business.

Sometimes in order to make a positive change you must look at the person in the mirror and realize that you may be part of the problem. The first step to solving a problem is recognizing that you have one. In recognizing the flaws that have created the issues you can work on eliminating the flaws and thus grow your business. I have stated it many times that the day  you think you know everything is the day you start to lose everything. If you continue to point fingers and blame everyone else eventually your business will be so flawed that you either close it or change your ways and improve it. When evaluating your business you must look at problem areas and make a change.
The times are definitely changing and as a business leader you must ask are you changing and adapting so as to create a viable business that is profitable or are you doing what you always have done and struggling. It is when you change your thinking that your business life changes. It is important to be open to ideas from those working for you especially if they have experience in the business.  I have witnessed many times so-called entrepreneurs close a business because they were too stubborn in their ways and allowed their ego to get in the way. One change every entrepreneur needs to make is to check the ego at the door.

Advertisement Ideas: Being Open To Changes A Case Study!!!

I have come to learn that there comes a time to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace the idea that you are limitless.  My first job out of college was working for  Oaktree, a men’s clothing store. I quickly let go of my propensity to judge people and simply started helping everyone who came into the store by greeting them and assessing their needs. As a result I became the #1 Sales Person in The Country. This led me to going to work for Merle Harmon’s Fan Fair, a sports apparel and accessories store. In a month I took this store from a $400 per day store to a $1200 per day store. I did this by sharing the store with everyone I saw by handing out fliers and giving some discounts. I decided to leave retail for a while to pursue things that I found more gratifying like teaching and assisting charities. I even went as far as joining The U.S. Peace Corps and was in The Philippines teaching Math, English, and Livelihood Skills at a Regional Rehabilitation Center For Youth.  Upon returning the The United States I went to work at Footlocker where I quickly became a store manager of a million dollar store. I represented about $10,000 per week in revenue however because of some bad encounters with customers I was let go. Within a week of being let go I was hired by The Athletes Foot as a key carrying manager and helped to exceed projections by 105%. I left due to some medical issues and went into other ventures revolving around sales and marketing. I recently went back into the retail industry working for sports related stores. I have learned that there are people out there who own businesses that will not care more than you do about their business so you must adapt and simply do your job and at the end of the day just let it all go and realize that after giving them ways that would build their brand and increase their revenue that they aren’t going to listen you simply stop and just do what you are asked to do.

Advertisement Ideas: The Formula To Change And Make Your Cash Registers Chime!

At the end of the day it all comes down to did I make a profit and did I positively impact lives. If you want to make your cash registers chime here is a formula to follow.

1: Pick a lane – Decide what product or service you will offer and stick to that. Do not try to carry Underoos, comic related hats, Star Wars Shirts when you are a sports apparel, accessories, and memorabilia store.

2: Know your target demographic – If you have families with kids shopping in the store make sure you have not only men’s items but also carry youth and women’s items related to the lane you picked.

3: Advertise in publications that people know about and on TV and Radio on the stations that reach your target demographic.

4: Make sure you have promotional materials that can be distributed daily to those around the community.

5: When  you bring in items have a plan to let people know that you have them so you can sell them.

6: Make sure your staff is well versed in the art of customer service and that they are greeting the customer, asking engaging questions, showing the customer items, and closing the sale.

7: Replenish your stock of products that are moving in a timely manner.

8: Stay ahead of the trends and have products that fit into the current trend or current activities in the community.

9: Make sure you show appreciation to your employees.

10: Plan your work and work your plan and make adjustments to the plan as needed.







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