Advertisement Ideas: More From The You Have to Be Kidding Me File!!!


Advertisement Ideas: More From The You Have To Be Kidding Me File!!!

As I watched my Facebook News Feed and saw all the comments about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton I began to think are you f-ing kidding me out of all the people in The United States this is the best we can do. One promises to bring jobs back to American but manufactures most of his clothing line overseas and the other says oh I have the country’s best interest in mind when she leaked important secret documents. I am surprised by how many people have been bamboozled by these two but them again I shouldn’t be because The American Public has become like sheep and have allowed others to dictate their lives. If you or I did what these two have done we would be in jail. Then again it all comes down to the way things are and the way things should be being two different things. Ask yourself come election day what your alternatives are and don’t thing that voting for an alternative candidate is a throw away vote as it will be making a statement that you have had enough of this and will not take it any more.  I have  watched their ads and I think again you have to be kidding me as they are trying to disparage one another instead of showing viable solutions to the issues facing us today.

As you are aware by now Dwayne Wade opted to sign with The Chicago Bulls. This affects my as I work for Sinbad Sports located at 2164 S.University Drive in The Tower Shops next to Best Buy in Davie, FL and we have many Dwayne wade Jerseys, Hats, and Tee Shirts in stock from his time with The Miami Heat. We have been telling our customers when they come to the store and are looking at The Wade items that they are 25% off. Yesterday I was at the store and a customer came in tried on the Jersey and I said I can give you 25% off and he answered I can get it on-line for 1/2 price. I said that is great but you are here now and you won’t have to wait for shipping. He began to tell me how when a player is traded that the value of their merchandise goes down. I said well first he wasn’t traded he signed as a free agent and secondly Dwayne Wade Merchandise will hold his value as people worldwide don’t care if they have a Heat Jersey or a Bulls Jersey all they care about is that it is a Wade Jersey. He said okay and put the jersey back on the rack. I thought are you f-ing kidding me. Then I realized that many millennial lack the common social graces and knowledge of business but they think they know. many will read this and say but you lost a customer and my answer is do I really need a customer that is looking for a bargain. The next customer came in and was very cordial and we began to engage and when it was all said and done she bought over $200 worth of merchandise making up for the snot nosed punk with an attitude who lands in the you have to be kidding me file.

 This phrase is the top phrase in the are you kidding me file. How many of you go to a store just to browse. I know it is a part of the buying process but how many times are you going to come to a store and just look around before you finally make a purchase. I have this guy that comes to the store ever 2 to 3 days and says oh I love your store  but he never makes a purchase and he always asks pricing on everything usually when I am in the middle of merchandising the store or doing a project for the store. I am always very nice in hope that one day he actually makes a purchase. Again I put this in The Are you F-ing kidding me because there must be something more important he can do rather than walk in and out of y store every few days.

There are many things going on in the world  today that evoke the exclamation of are you f-ing kidding me. If you have a are you f-ing kidding me story please share in the comments.


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