Advertisement Ideas: Stop Being A Grinch!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Stop Being A Grinch!!!

This article was inspired by some of the interactions I had this week while I was out collecting donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise, FL. I was out promoting the donation page,, and taking donations on the spot. As I approached businesses to donate many were very open and receptive and I collected $65 bring my total to $442  toward a goal of raising $100, however there were several businesses that I felt were being very Grinch like in the way they treated me. This had me thinking how many clients/customers are they losing because of their Grinch like attitude. I actually told one business owner from Robert’s Barber Shop that he was being a Grinch as he said what is it people don’t want to work which really struck a nerve with me as I was collecting to give the gift of hope and healing to cancer patients and their families. I tried to explain this but he wasn’t comprehending and kept trying to disparage my credibility. I did everything to reassure the man that the money he donated is not for me but for those touched by cancer and will be used for research, education, advocacy, and services.  I left thinking wow what a Grinch.  I understand that business people are hit up all the time for donations and there are many scams out there and you must be skeptical, however you must also realize that there are many legitimate people like myself out there collecting and that we may be soliciting today we could be a customer tomorrow and we just might recommend you to our contacts if you are not a Grinch.

I came across another Grinch at The Boost Mobile Store in The Welleby Plaza in Sunrise.  Again I went in to ask for a donation and the gentleman was very upset and stated how I had the nerve to interrupt him while he was trying to do business. I apologized for interrupting his business and I did my best to explain that I was doing a good deed and that I could help hos business. He wanted no part of me and told me to leave his F-ing store. I stood by the door for a while just to egg him on and see how far he would go. he threatened to call the cops and I said go ahead. He then came at me and when it seemed he was going to get physical I left. I know I pushed it a bit far, however I have learned that if you believe strongly in what you are doing it will resonate with many people and you will find success.  I have come to learn that there are many Grinch’s out there and the best we can do when encounter them is to simply ask them not to be a Grinch. Maybe they will realize that their Grinch like attitude is the cause of their lack of success and they will change. I have come to realize that all I can do is make them aware and then let it go.

 I encountered many people who were not Grinches and who were receptive and open to listen and support my efforts to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Guess who I will be promoting and supporting and referring business to in the future? Think about it when you are conducting your business how your attitude will determine your altitude. Think about the fact that you never the how the person coming into your business can be of service and value to you. I would recommend you set aside a daily allotment of cash to give to those who come in and to be a cheerful giver and when you give out the allotment simply say I appreciate what you are doing however I have given out my daily allotment. This will help you to be seen in a positive light and not as a Grinch.

 When  you stop being the Grinch from the beginning of the story and transform to the Grinch at the end of  story you will see an increase in your cash flow as people will be apt to recommend you to their friends and family  and thus you will have more success. The key is to check yourself before you wreck yourself and your business. Kindness goes along way in building your brand and increasing your revenue. It is when you choose to stop being a Grinch that you will see an improvement in your personal and professional life. Have a Merry Christmas. Stay Positive!!!


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