Advertisement Ideas: Special Events Lead To Marketing Success


What is the one thing you can do to create awareness of yourself and your services? The answer is to create special events where you can get media attention and draw people. The process is not as hard as you think. Use your creativity and create an event. A friend is very passionate about helping others and football thus she created The Bahamas American Youth Football Alliance to teach children in Nassau, Bahamas football and given them the benefits of playing football and having the skills that come along with playing. On December 30, 2011 she will be bring two teams from Florida to play in Nassau, Bahamas. She is seeking sponsors to help with this endeavor. The web site is www.bahamasamericanfootball.com. This gives people a chance to build their brand and reach a very lucrative target audience. Another friend started The Spiritual Entrepreneurs on Facebook and is setting up The Spiritual Entrpreneurs Visionary Awards in March of 2012 in South Florida. Again creating a special event to bring people together for charitable causes and building her brand.
Think of things you can do be it hosting a seminar, doing a teleseminar, doing a family fun day, or other special events that will peak the interest of your customers. The one thing is to get out there and showcase who you are what you do and why people should do business with you. For example I seek special events to emcee at and promote them as a result. For example on July 8, 2011 The Friends of Military Families is having a gala. Tickets are $75 and you have a chance to win a house. Details are available at www.friendsofmilitarychildren.com. Special events like Relay for Life, The March of Dimes Walk, and Our Town are great places to promote your business. You can create your own special event or you can piggy back on an already event.
The more you get your name out the more media you will attract. Remember that when you do special events or participate in special events record everything. Special events will increase your awareness and thus build your reputation in the community. The biggest thing to remember is that special events either your own or someone elses are generally for branding.

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