Advertisement Ideas: Be Interested!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Be Interested!!!!

Today’s blog post was inspired by a woman at a law office that I called on to set up a time to have the attorneys from the firm to appear on my TV Show.  As soon as I said Hello This is Jonathan JDOGG Lederman from WRPBiTV I was given the worst line you can give anyone if this is about advertising we are not interested. I explained that it was about appearing on my TV Show. She told me to email her the details. I emailed her and hopefully the attorneys will see the value of doing an 8 minute segment on a TV Show that reaches 145 countries with over 50,000 viewers each week of which 77% are in their immediate market. Think about how many times you have said to someone I am not interested only to lose out on an opportunity to promote your business. The key is to show interest in people when they approach your business as you never know where it might lead.

By being open to receive especially when it comes to promoting your business you begin to create relationships that  lead to more business. Think about it you do not know me I connect with you and you tell me you are not interested you lose an opportunity to reach my followers who may need your services.  It is not about knowing me it is having the ability to tap into the people who I know who can benefit from your services or products.  The same lady who said she wasn’t interested and asked for the email called me back as asked why would family attorney want to do my show? I felt like saying hello 8 minutes of TV time is why. She then says I never heard of you until you called us and I replied I never heard of you until I saw your but now we know of each other and I would like to be of service and value to your attorneys.  She then proceeded to tell me that our website was no good and that she didn’t think the attorneys would be interested. I now ask you would you use these attorneys services if you needed them. This is the problem of business in America Today, lack of interest.  This doesn’t bother me as I subscribe to the belief that some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting next. I have had many people in the studio and many have bought their clips and used them to further market themselves and thus continue to be successful. The key is to be open to receive as you never know who may be on the other end of the phone or walking into your business. By assuming the attitude of gratitude and being committed to be of value and service you will find that you strengthen your brand and increase your cash flow.

Listen and absorb what id being said. It is when you show interest that people will want to interact with you. If you show interest to everyone who you come in contact with you will strengthen your position in the marketplace and more people will want to do business with you. I walk the talk of if you show interest in what I am offering and listen  I will find ways to be of service and value to you.

 The key is to show interest as you never know where business may come from or how the person speaking to you might be able to benefit you down the line. As you grow your business and seek to excel remember that everyone you speak to can be a benefit to your business.




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