Advertisement Ideas: Open Your Eyes!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Open Your Eyes!!!

 I was shopping the other day and I stopped into a new dollar store to introduce myself and learn about their business so I could invite them to be a guest on my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT. In the course of the conversation the owner told me they weren’t familiar with the area. Upon leaving I thought isn’t it important to know what is around the store you are opening so that you can plan an effective marketing strategy?  This prompted me to think about how many businesses & non-profit organizations need to open their eyes.

8x10 Plan Your Work Work Your Plan Print from bellabyte on The  first step to opening your business is to open your eyes and know what is around you. Know what other stores are in the area, where your competition is, what your competition is doing, what the demographics are, what schools are in the area, what organizations are in the area, and what media outlets are available to advertise with. If you are not aware of the area you are in it is imperative to get familiar with the people who know the area. In the case of the dollar store I told the owner that I grew up in the area and I know it very well and if she was open I could help with her marketing strategy. I gave her my card on Wednesday and it is now Friday and no call. The longer she waits to call the longer it will be until she has the brand recognition and consumer awareness necessary to create sustainability in the market place. Open Your Eyes!!!!

 When you vision is clear and your eyes are wide open you will see and create opportunities that you may not have been exposed to before. It is important to be open to receive for you never know when someone will come into your business with an excellent opportunity to enhance your marketing strategy. As an entrepreneurs or marketing executive it is important to open your eyes and look at the big picture for you never know how one unique idea that you didn’t think of brought to you by someone else will increase your brand awareness and potential drive profits up. Open Your Eyes!

Advertisement Ideas: Opening Eyes – A Case Study

 Back in August right after I launched my TV Show I contacted Jos. A. Bank. with an idea to provide me with a suit, 2 ties, and 2 dress shirts in return for excellent promotion that I would provide as I not only would give them publicity through The TV Show but also become their on the street spokes person as I emcee many special events and do public address announcing for several local sports teams. I would wear the outfit they provided to events and hand out advertising literature on their behalf. I did not hear back for many months so yesterday I wrote to them again and they turned down the opportunity. I again thought hey Mr. marketing director you need to open your eyes as I reach 50,000 viewers aged 25-54 earning over $125,000 annually who are business professionals that need your product. In addition to the TV Show I am hosting Worldfest in Coral Springs which will see 6,000 visitors not to mention all the dignitaries and sponsors who will need products from Jos. A. Bank. If you then add all the male coaches that I come in contact with who wear shirts and ties while on the side lines you can see that giving me a suit, 2 ties, and 2 dress shirts is a good investment as they have the opportunity to drive traffic to the stores and thus increase their sales all because they opened their eyes.

Woman Closed EyesKeep Your Eyes Open In your business ask yourself are your eyes open or are your eyes closed? Many times such as the case with Jos. A. Bank we may find ourselves short-sighted as we may not see the possibilities as they are being presented. I look at it this way if I am a marketing director and I can spend about $1000 to have an advocate for my product I spend the $1000 because that $1000 may generate $10,000 because the reach that this person has. Ask yourself am I losing out on opportunities? If the answer is yes it may be time to open your eyes and see the possibilities.

Advertisement Ideas: A Reminder To Open Your Eyes

  It is imperative to have a marketing strategy that will increase your visibility and thus drive traffic so that your profit goals are exceeded. In opening your eyes you will see success as you create a positive image. Stay Positive!!!


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