Advertisement Ideas: Going The Extra Mile!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Going The Extra Mile!!!

 Last night (2/23/14) on my way home after Announcing  The Palm Beach Pelicans Basketball Game I had my right rear tire blow out. I didn’t have any numbers for a tow truck service but I quickly Googled local towing services Boca Raton. I called Westway Towing and they were very nice but had no one available to come help put on the spare but suggested I call The State Farm Road Ranger and I did. The Road Ranger came out and put on the spare tire and helped me put everything back into my trunk. I gave him a tip and I went on my way. I made it home safely and today (3/24/14) I went to Gold Coast Tire and Auto Centers in Tamarac, FL.  The staff there were great and they actually came in under their initial quote. As I reflected on the situation I began to think how going the extra mile and being of value and service to everyone who calls or comes into your business is an integral part of the advertising process. Though I no longer have State Farm as my car insurance carrier it was nice to see that they had this Road Ranger Service.  In having this service they created good will and showed that advertising in the proper market place pays off. Think about it I now have a good feeling about State Farm and have a number to call if I experience another blow out.  Westway receives a big JDOGG Shout Out here on this blog and as a result has some positive public relations. Gold Coast Tire and Auto Centers  has now earned my business and will receive good positive recommendations from me as a result. When you are doing business and considering advertising keep in mind the importance of going the extra mile.

 When looking at this sign think about ways you can help your clients/customers and promote that in your advertising. Seek charitable alliances that are synergistic with your business. Show compassion to all that call or come into your place of business or interact with you. If you search for what truly puts you above everyone else and promote it accordingly you will start to see an increase in brand awareness and revenue. People like to do business with those they know, like, and trust. Through an effective advertising program you can show your already existing customers/clients why they should continue to use your products or services while at the same time attracting new customers. Think about what problem you solve and then go the extra mile to solve it.

 In all you do remember the goal is to have people have a positive feeling about you and your business. The more positive the buzz the more people who are likely to do business with you. I use the example of Sophie’s Salon in West Boca for when I went in to ask for a donation for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton The owner asked if she could write a check and I said yes. She wrote a check for $100 and is now being promoted at on the donor list. I am also mentioning the salon here and on other social media. She may pick up a few customers as a result of her going the extra mile and donating to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of West Boca Raton. The key is to go the extra mile for everyone in all that you do as it leads to positive public relations and thus increases your chance to have a recognizable brand that is viewed in a positive light.

 When take  the opportunity to leave your client/customer with a smile on their face because you went the extra mile you know you have had a successful day. Every person you interact with can be an asset to your business. People will talk well of you if they feel that you treated them with respect and that you made them feel important. The key is to share a smile and to go the extra mile so that you can build on your success.

 In going the extra mile it is important to leave judgment of others at the door. I have always said you never know who you may be speaking with and how they can help you or how you can help them. I recently emceed a Relay For Life Event and it led to a paying emcee gig. The point is by going the extra mile I have been rewarded. Your reward for going the extra mile is positive public relations and a chance for increased revenue.

 By going the extra mile you will make people feel good and as a result you will continue on your path to success.  Remember everyone you come in contact with has value and when you respect that value you will be rewarded.

It is in promoting and showing people how you go the extra mile that will increase your brand recognition and create the potential for increased revenue. Ask yourself how am I showing that I go the extra mile? Am I posting testimonials from clients/customers that explain how I go the extra mile? Am I putting quotes from satisfied customers into my print advertising? Am I posting my awards in my office for people to see? If I have a brick and mortar store do I have an area to display awards from community organizations or thank you letters? Each day when you open your business ask yourself how can I be of service and value and go the extra mile? When you have the answer you will have a good day.


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