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Advertisement Ideas: Turning Browsers Into Buyers!!!

If you have worked in retail you have heard oh I am just looking. When I hear this I ask what are you looking for? By doing this I get an idea if  the customer is truly interested or is wasting my time. In not asking yes or no questions you open up the dialogue and thus you increase your chance of turning a browser into a buyer. I work with Celebrity Sports in Plantation, FL and I believe that everyone who walks into the store can be made into a customer. When I am in the store I make it a point to start conversations that will lead me to show the customer something that will peak their interest and as a result they will make a purchase. In knowing the merchandise and being able to show the customer what we have increase the opportunity to turn them from a browser to a buyer.

When I graduated from Hofstra University in 1987 I went to work for The Oaktree Men’s Clothing Store in Boca Raton, FL as a management trainee. With in 3 weeks I was the #1 salesperson in the country for this division of Edison Brothers Stores. I was asked by The Regional Vice President How I managed to be #1 in the country in a short period of time. I simply replied I turned the browsers into buyers. He then asked how did I do that. I said I greeted everyone within 5-10 seconds of coming into the store and asking them what brought them to Oaktree today. In doing so I began to build relationships with customers who then became regular customers. I remember a businessman from Chicago came in and was seeking casual wear for meetings he was attending and I helped him and he said he came into town every 3-5 weeks. I told him stop in when you are here and see our new arrivals. It turned out that he did just that and on average spent $300 with me. In getting to know your customers you can turn them from browsers to buyers.

I am asked by people all the time JDOGG what of you do not have a brick and mortar business and you aren’t selling tangible items then how do you turn browsers into buyers? My answer is by having a service that they seek and building their trust after all people like to work with people they know, like, and trust. If you have a website make sure you have a page where they can book your services and pay for them ahead of time. If you have merchandise like CDS, DVD’S. Books, and other materials make sure they can order hem and pay for them. In having a strong call to action you will be able to turn browsers into buyers.

 Many of us spend an inordinate amount of time networking and  we find ourselves dealing with many browsers. The question is how do we turn these browsers into buyers. The answer is to have something they desire, something that solves a problem, something that is relevant and resonating. It is important to follow-up with everyone who you get a business card from within 24-48 hours with a clear and consistent message that has a strong call to action at the end.  I strongly suggest setting up a one on one and finding out what they are looking for and letting them know how you can be of service and value to them.

As many of you that read this blog you know I host a TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on WRPBiTV. I invite many people to be on the show and give them the option of buying a fully edited clip of their appearance on my show for $200, which is a great deal to have a very useful tool to turn browsers into buyers. I explain the value of having the clip and how it can be used on their website, across social media platforms, and in all their marketing materials. I have found that those who purchase the clip and use it effectively increase their brand awareness and their cash flow.  I have seen many of the people who came into the studio as browsers become buyers because my producer and I explain the value and how if they follow our suggestions they will have some success. I do not sell everyone the clip and I understand not everyone will be a buyer. The key is to have the mindset to always be closing in order to turn browsers into buyers.

Use your platforms to turn browsers into buyers!!! Stay Positive!!!

Advertisement Ideas: Why You Still Suck At Business!!!

The Four AgreementsThe reason  you still suck at business could be attributed to you not following these 4 basic agreements. On Friday I saw first hand why a so-called marketing expert continues to struggle in his business as I called to ask about his donation to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and his answer it is out of my hands I made a formal complaint against you with The American Cancer Society.  He violated agreement #1 and now I see why he has jumped from client to client with little or no success.Like many so-called entrepreneurs in South Florida he was all flash no cash, good talk but no execution,  and more promises without delivery. What was funny is the donation was only going to be $18.70 and all he had to do was visit and make a donation. Another gentleman who wrote me on Facebook and told me to remind him about the donation which I did several times and guess what still no donation. Again a gentleman that shows pictures of his fancy car and fancy house but doesn’t deliver on his promise. Then there are those who said they would participate in POINTS FOR THE CURE BASKETBALL EDITION AND DONATE $.10 per point their team scored and still haven’t made a donation.  By not being impeccable with your word you are doing yourself and others a disservice and probably costing yourself business that is going to a competitor who is impeccable with their word. Remember one oh crap will ruin a 1000 at a boys. This could be why you still suck at business.

d3e1510971ef73d94527aeee53bd60a7.jpgThe second principle is very important as it is important for you to do what is right in your heart and not take anything personally.  I used to get upset when people would come to The WRPBiTV Studio to tape a segment for my TV Show The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST and not buy their clip as I believe the clip is well worth the investment of $150. Then I realized it wasn’t about me at all and I shifted to be thankful to and grateful for those who did purchase their clip. Those that understand the value of having the clip as part of their marketing mix are those I choose to do business with and to recommend.  It is very interesting to hear why people do not buy their clip and then I remember  that there are two types of people in the world action takers and excuse makers. Those that are proactive with advertising and implement sound advertising ideas and make solid advertising choices are the ones who are successful while the others still suck at business. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: How To Ensure For Success in 2015!!!

As we enter the final days of 2014 now is the time to evaluate how successful our marketing and advertising was for 2014 and to put the necessary pieces in place to ensure for success in 2015. When you look back over the marketing strategies implemented in 2014 will  you be able to have tangible measurements such as money spent on advertising and marketing and  the return on the investment. For example you ran a one week advertisement in your local community  newspaper and paid $450 for the advertisement and the offer brought back $900 in sales. In looking at the tangible results you can make informed decisions as to where you should invest in 2015. One great thing to do is to go out into the community and ask 100 people if they heard of your business and what their thoughts about your business are. This will help in the planning of an effective marketing strategy  for 2015 so that you can enhance your image and have more brand recognition. The more people see and hear positive things about your business will translate into growth with new customers. Have  you tracked how many times a customers uses your products and services? In doing this you will be able to have success in 2015 as you increase the frequency of use for your products and services.

 It is imperative that come January 5,2015 you are ready to truly market your business aggressively and have a plan in place to ensure for success in 2015. Are you looking at events in the community that are synergistic with what you offer? Are you budgeted to use newspaper, magazine, TV, Radio, and Social Media advertising? Do you have a consistent message ready to roll out?  Are you prepared to go back to the basics of getting out in the community and networking? Do you have your 30 second introduction in place with a consistent  message that encapsulates who you are and what you do?  Have you booked yourself to appear on TV and Radio Shows?  Have you updated your website? Are you using the same logo and photo across all of your marketing so as to create consistency?  In answering these questions and being honest with yourself  you will be able to insure for success in 2015.  Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Hit The Bricks!!!

Hit the bricksThis entry was inspired by an encounter I had yesterday (9/17/2014) while I was out hitting the bricks to promote and collect donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton. I walked into a CPA Office and was greeted by a woman who I obviously took by surprise. I told her who I was and what I doing and she had a hard time wrapping  her head around the idea that I would cold call businesses collecting donations. She made this apparent by telling me so. I explained to her that for the last 38 years I have been fundraising in this manner. I suggested that maybe she should hit the bricks for her business as you never know who might need a CPA. One of the hardest but most effective ways to promote your business is to hit the bricks and get out in the community to let people know who you are and what you do as you never know what can come of things if you hit the bricks.

Advertisement Ideas: The Hitting The Bricks Strategy!!!

Collinsville Relay for Life kicks of Jan. 23In my efforts to lead by example as The Fund The Cure Leader for The American Cancer Society of West Boca Raton  I have a  strategy each time I decide to go out and hit the bricks.  This strategy translates very well into business. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Olympics, Jesus, Penn State and More Lead To Creative Marketing

 The Spice Girls Reunited for The Closing Ceremony of The 2012 Olympics held in London. As I watched I began to think how can a business truly capitalize on the closing ceremonies and then it hit me, have a contest where you would give away Olympic related items. You could secure items relating to The 2012 Summer Olympics and also secure items relating to The  2014 Winter Games to be held in Soji, Russia. You would collect name, address, phone number, and email from the entrants and every month send out information about your business with a special Olympic Related Theme. This could be the way to spice up your sales.

 Imagine being able to create a spectacle that would draw the attention of millions like The Olympics did? Well you can with a bit of creativity and the right promotion. I remember an event That The Pompano Beach Jaycess hosted many years ago called The Zanny Olympics and it was covered be local radio, TV, and newspaper outlets because of the many double entendre names events and the fact that it was also for charity. The businesses that participated all benefitted greatly by gaining brand recognition which also translated into more sales. The bottom line is getting to be known in the community and to build the reputation so people want to do business with you. Read More→