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Advertisement Ideas: Toucha Toucha Touch Me!!!

 Today’s blog entry is inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show Toucha Toucha Touch Me song. As I listened to the lyrics I thought how this mimics the cycle of customer procurement and customer retention.  The customer relationship is much like that of a pursuit for someone of the opposite sex. In many cases you spend many dollars  in hopes of achieving a conquest and many times the conquest does not happen. Just like in business you spend many dollars in marketing and advertising and sometimes it doesn’t work because your expectations were not realistic or the choices you made were not synergistic with your brand. In business we may not physically touch a customer but we may touch their mind or their heart so we must look at  the best practices to achieve the desired result. When we begin to figuratively touch potential customers and existing customers we  realize how they become ambassadors of our brand and as a result create a buzz about our brand. In touching customers we must use our why we are doing what we do as part of our marketing mix. It is important tom understand that people will not buy the what but the why. In showing your why in your advertising and marketing you will generate more brand awareness and increase your cash flow.

 As The  TV Show Host  of The Anything Bucket at I am asked all the time why would you give a free interview to someone? The answer is simple because I need content for my show and I believe in helping businesses to excel. I also give businesses a chance to purchase the clip of their appearance on the show for $175 that they can use in their marketing mix to touch potential customers or retain existing customers. I believe that when you have an opportunity to reach people and touch them with your message that you should take advantage of the opportunity. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Don’t Be An Icehole!!!

It is funny how you can ask about the same thing in a different manner and get two separate answers. The other day people were asked about what has become known as Obamacare and many stated oh it is bad and the president had good intentions and but the implementation lacked. The when asked about The Affordable Care Act they said oh that is much better it will help more people. One person said isn’t Obamacare and The Affordable Care Act  the same thing? The answer is yes they are but the American public has become so programmed that they do not  do their due diligence and investigate things and go by what they hear on CNN and FOX News making many people iceholes.  I come across iceholes everyday that will make every excuse why their business isn’t doing well instead of asking what can I do differently to improve my business.

To avoid being an icehole you must take charge of your life both personally and professionally you must become aware of your actions and the effect they have on your business. If you are not coming up with new advertising ideas, new campaigns to create brand awareness and create a buzz so as to give people a reason to do business with you then you might just be an icehole.  If you are not being proactive and you continue to be reactive you could be leaving money on the table making you an icehole.

If you do not have a plan you just might be an icehole. If you are not taking daily action to promote your business you just might be an icehole.  It is important to make proper choices as to where to promote, where to advertise, where to share who you are and what you do and why you do it. Remember people are not buying the what you do they are buying the why you do it. If you are not taking action and moving forward toward your goals you just might be an icehole. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Lessons Learned From SNL And NBA!

 New York truly proved that it was the city that never sleeps as it hosted not only Saturday Night Live 40 and The NBA All-Star Game on Sunday 2/15/15. As I watched both I thought what dies this teach us about the importance of marketing, media relations, and advertising? The answer was plenty as the social media universe was blazing hot as both events dominated twitter feeds and Facebook feeds. Most everywhere one went where there was a TV it was tuned to one of these events. If you were fortunate to be in a place with 2 or more tvs you were likely to be able to watch both. The common factor is that both events showed us what happens when you have a strong recognizable brand that remains relevant, entertaining, and resonating in the market place. Now some of you are saying but I don’t have the budget that an NBC or an NBA has. This maybe true however the lesson learned is that in order to have sustainability in the market place you must set aside a certain amount of money to market so as to build your followers that you can then convert into customers.  Imagine what you could have done to drive business and create more awareness and possibly more cash flow in the weeks leading up to SNL 40 and The NBA All-Star Game? If you are a life coach you could have shown how laughter is sometimes necessary to clear blockages that might be holding a client back. You could have promoted a webinar and charged everyone $40 and tied it into SNL 40.If you were a retailer you could have all items end in $.40 in honor of SNL 40.  You could have dome some basketball related promotions in your print and electronic advertising.  There are so many possibilities that you could have implemented to create a buzz about your business. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Go Over The Top!!!

In football going over the top has been a way to effectively achieve the objective of getting first downs and touchdowns. In going over the top a player puts himself at risk for the best interest of the team. In business and in non-profit organizations going over the top can be very risky as the message or your actions may not resonate with the audience you are attempting to reach or may not be in line with the hierarchy of an organization.  I have  often been the one to go over the top be it break dancing at a leadership conference or asking for donations on a parade route or hanging up a FREE HUGS sign at my local Starbucks. Sometimes my over the top actions have yielded great fruits and scored me many points while at other times I have  been thrown for a loss.  The risk of being an over the top thinker and implementor is great however the rewards this thinking yields makes it all worth it on many occasions.  I was told that many people who meet me for the first time don’t know what to make of my over the top thinking or actions and that this thinking may be  creating challenges in my personal and professional life.  I believe that in order to succeed you must be an over the top thinker because sometimes it is the crazy actions that get noticed and rewarded. I remember one day I was about 14 years old volunteering at The Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon and I decided to get the audience to pledge money for the amount of push ups I could do in a minute. Some thought I was crazy but I knew exactly that doing something unique and different I could raise some much-needed funds for those with neuromuscular diseases. I grabbed the microphone and said Hello, I am Jonathan Lederman and I am asking everyone to make a pledge for the amount of push-ups I could do in a minute so we can help the kids who can’t do push-ups because of Muscular Dystrophy. I did 52 push-ups and raised over $500. I remember standing up at a Jaycees meeting when a local chapter was on the verge of cancelling their Spreading The Joy program and I said what if we ask people we do business with to donate. I was told we never did that before. I asked why not the worst they can tell us is no. I asked them to give me two weeks as we were going to meet again in two weeks they said okay. Well at the next meeting I stood up as told them I secured monetary donations in the amount of $2500 and in-kind donations of over $1000. They asked how I said I just asked. I also told them about the door blocks I set up at the local KMART where we would simply ask customers for donations. They were hesitant at first and didn’t want to do it so I said okay I’ll go on the first day and if anyone wants to join me great if not that is okay too. On that first day I collected over $500 and recruited 15 chaperones for The Holiday Shopping Spree.  That year, 1989, saw us take 64 needy children holiday shopping and feeding 30 needy families. Simply by being an over the top thinker I have  found success. The lesson here is to take a risk and go over the top. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Put Out Or Get Out!!!

In the ever evolving market place where social media seems to be taking over it is still important to get out from behind the computer and put yourself out into the market.  I have written many times about the 3 feet rule and the importance of getting out into the community. You can have all the social media sites in the world but if people don’t know about them they do not serve you well so it is important to get out and let people know who you are, what you do, and how they can connect with you.  One key when putting yourself out there is to answer the question how you can be of service and value to the people you come in contact with.

Advertisement Ideas: Ways To Put Out Instead of Getting Out!!!

Networking_Events-2When attending networking events it is imperative to get to know a few people at the event. Do not try to get to know everyone build relationships one event at a time and each time you go to the event greet the people you meet and then set a goal to meet 3 new people so that you build your data base and also strengthen relationships. Think of the one thing you want to offer those you meet and then how you will follow up.  The idea is to pick a lane and stick to it.  As you build relationships through networking you will find that you are able to convert people into clients as you continue to be of service and value. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Focus, Discipline, And Execution:


Seeing our writing, our craft... as OUR discipline~Recommended Books on the Importance of Execution in Your Success:

I am asked JDOGG how is it that you are successful with your marketing and media relations? My answer comes down to three elements Focus, Discipline, and Execution.  Having an idea is great but until you implement the idea and allow it to come to fruition it will sit dormant and not serve your business. It is said what you focus on expands. This is so true when running a business or doing work in the non-profit sector. If you focus on the challenges and the negativity surrounding something you will encounter more challenges and more negativity. If you focus on the positive aspects of the project and approach it with joy you will attract more positivity and joy to the project.  One element that a business needs is brand awareness and this should be a focus in all you do. I am very involved with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca and my focus is on raising funds for research, education, advocacy, and services.  I have set a goal of raising $2500. Each day that I am out in the community I wear Relay For Life apparel to draw attention to what I am doing and I also have my literature with me. By planning out the day and picking a lane and wearing my brand I am able to create a buzz and brand recognition for Relay For Life.  The key is to focus on a plan, plan the work, work the plan, and make adjustments.   When you are focused with the end in mind you will be able to take action to bring the plan to fruition. Ask yourself what you want from your advertising, marketing, and media relations and then focus on the desired results and take action to bring everything to fruition.

Knowing what you want and then taking the steps to get it will take discipline. If you know that you are most productive when you do a morning ritual be disciplined to do that ritual everyday.  I personally get up and do a gratitude prayer, then after I shower and get dressed I tale out Rev, Dr. Dee Adio- Moses Book Heal your life with daily affirmations and prayer, then I read Marianne Morrisey’s Miracle Minute, then I write in my gratitude journal.  I also play uplifting music to get me centered and grounded. In being disciplined in doing this I put in motion elements to have a successful day.

This is one of Janet Lee Kraft’s Songs on her album Sacred Chants ... I also plan out my day and set daily goals so that I can move forward in a positive direction of my goals. In being disciplined I am able to accomplish great things and continue on my mission to help other people excel by being of service and value. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Who Is Walking Through Your Door?

Collinsville Relay for Life kicks of Jan. 23JDOGG Lederman Honors Community Leaders and Creates A World With Less ...Pin it Like Image


Today’s entry is inspired by some encounters I had while out promoting and collecting for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and seeking guests for my TV Show, which airs on at 6:30 PM EDT. The first stop I made was to Best Friends Animal Hospital, where I was greeted by someone who was anything but friendly. I stated I understood that I was catching them at a bad time and asked if I could leave my business card as I am inviting people to be guests on my TV Show. In was told no and to get out of the office. I left and I wondered does this person realize the opportunity that he missed today as I would have written something positive, tweeted out a positive tweet with a link to their site, posted a posted review on Facebook, mentioned them in a positive light in this blog. He probably didn’t understand the idea that a solicitor today may be a customer/client tomorrow. So think about it you never know who is walking through your door and how they can be of service and value to you. Everyone who contacts your business can be of some help or may know people who can use your products and services. I did call The Animal Hospital and left a lengthy message explaining all the ties I have to people with pets and how people trust my recommendations and if he wanted to make amends I would like to speak to him. I don’t anticipate a return call but I know that it is important to walk in your truth and close the book on issues of the day that may have upset you.

 The Animal Hospital wasn’t the only one who needs to learn who is walking through the door. I stopped by Thaler’s Printing and was greeted by the owner who said that he couldn’t give today to which I stated sir I am only asking for $1 or $2 to help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. He said if he did that he would have to close his business. I then said no problem I would like to leave you my business card as I host a TV Show and help businesses to maximize their message. He said he didn’t need my card or need my help. I said wow you just complained how you were struggling and I am giving you a chance to overcome that struggle. he said I just told you that to get you to leave. To which I said so you lied to me and I left. I find it amazing that someone can be in business for 35 years with the attitude of this business owner. The sad part is he missed an opportunity as I need business cards, post cards, banners,  and other printed materials and I know many people who could use his services Guess what he loses out and will continue to struggle. Read More→

Advertising Ideas: Kicking Butt And Taking Names!!!!

One of the key ingredients in being effective with your advertising campaign is tracking the campaign . How you track results is very important when you are planning and implementing advertisement ideas.  The idea is to have a kick butt campaign that will allow you to track customers and  thus engage them on a regular basis.   The appeal must be entertaining, relevant, and resonating so that it achieves the objectives that you have set in place. Your advertising program should include a great headline, a great offer, and a tracking system.

 Do you recognize this? It is a QR Code where a client scans it on their phone and it takes them to your website. Once they visit your website you want to have a way to capture their information. One way to do this is to make your site a FREE Membership Site, where the visitor has to give you name, age, and email. This will give them a used code and allow you to then track their visits and thus create a program to target them to buy your product or services. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: How To Be A Giver And Increase Revenue!!!!

 In business capital is key to the existence of the business. The biggest challenge I hear from those I work with is how cash strapped they are. They ask me JDOGG how can I increase my cash flow and build a solid revenue stream? My answer is find ways to be a giver. Many times they look at me with the perplexed look on their face as to say what do you mean I need money and giving things away isn’t going to help me. It is at that moment where I explain that lack mentality and a scarcity belief system is what put them in the position. I explain that it is now time to shift to an abundance mind-set and become a giver.   In any business the key is to find a way to be a giver while also being of service and value.

Advertisement Ideas: Shifting From Taking To Giving!!!!

 In my volunteer experience with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life I have often been told no and I have heard all of the excuses why someone would not donate $1. The reason that they were struggling personally and professionally was due to the limitless beliefs they had of being a taker. A pizza place I stopped into in Boca Raton told me flat-out if I wasn’t buying his pizza he wasn’t interested. This same owner told me a year ago how he needed money and wasn’t giving anything away. As I walked out I thought he was struggling last year and this year he continues to struggle and he probably wonders why he is not reaping the benefits of having a pizza place in a high trafficked area across from the middle school. His thoughts and his attitude are holding him back. He is an example of someone who should shift from being a taker to being a giver. Read More→