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Advertisement Ideas: Drawing Attention!!!

I have witnessed so many businesses using a cookie cutter formula and trying to copy others in the industry  and struggling when they could be thriving by standing out and drawing attention to themselves. I have always professed that being a bit different is the best way to draw attention to yourself and strengthen your brand.  I have also noticed that some will get what you are doing while others will be quick to judge. My theory is simply be your authentic self and draw attention and those meant to do business with you will show up and support you. It is when you stop trying to attract everyone that you succeed. I have always made it point to stand out  be it wearing an elf hat at Starbucks while writing blog entries or wearing my purple BEAT CANCER Sneaker or simply taking over a microphone at an event to showcase my  skills as an emcee I have always made it a point to stand out. I remember the day I decided that I was going to wear a suit and my Snoopy slippers to do a speech simply to see the audience’s reaction. I delivered the speech and many commented on how great my content was but most made a comment about The Snoopy slippers. Some of the comments were not the nicest but many were positive. The interesting thing was when I followed up with everyone even those that had negative comments about the Snoopy slippers I made it a point to remind them that I was the presenter who wore the Snoopy Slippers and you know what my reply rate was over 85% and as a result I was able to secure some voice over work, emcee work, and picked up a few marketing and media relations clients. The idea is to be a bit different and make a memorable impression and remember you will not resonate with everyone but those meant to use your services will.

Advertisement Ideas: Drawing Attention With A Platform!!!

 I host an Internet TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at  6:30 PM EST and this platform has proven to be a great platform for those who choose to come in and do an interview and purchase the clip of their appearance.  I tell my guests that have a clip of your appearance on The Anything Bucket will help to draw attention to your business and give you the edification and credibility that every business is seeking. Purchasing the clip is an investment in your effort to build your brand and thus stand out from others in your industry. In using a platform such as Internet TV you are drawing attention to your business and when you invest in buying the clip and leverage it properly you will gain business. I had a guest on who owns Gump Pest Control whose motto is save your rump with Gump. We did about 10 minutes and he purchased his clip and posted it across social media. He wrote me an email thanking me and stating that he picked up some customers as a result. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Time To Represent!!!

In marketing, media relations, public relations, and advertising it is important to remember to walk your walk and talk your talk and represent who you are and what you do and give people a reason to use your services or buy your products. Sometimes it is necessary to have some swag and walk it out. It is important to look at how you are going to represent. Ask yourself when you walk into a room the three things you want to be seen as and then seek ways to bring these three things to the top of the mind of the people you are interacting with? Ask yourself how am I showing up and how am I resonating with the target audience I am seeking?  Think of ways you can best represent your product or services. Ask yourself how many places are there where you can represent your product or services and where your target audience will see you. I have  found that many people lose out on opportunities because they do not make marketing and advertising a priority or they don’t spend money on getting their name in front of their target audience.

Say what you want about The Florida Marlins they do get one thing right and that is the marketing of their product. Now you may not have the budget to hire Pitbull to do a theme song for you but you may have the budget to make videos and put them on YouTube and other social media outlets. The key is to remember to represent your product and service wherever and whenever possible. I have witnessed many business people turn down affordable opportunities only to stay stagnant in the market place. If you are to truly represent you must evolve and differentiate yourself from everyone else. It is when you are relevant, entertaining, and resonating that you will have the most success. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Be Relentless With Your Marketing!!!


  I am always amazed when someone makes a comment like JDOGG you are relentless with promoting your projects. I always answer you have to be relentless and promote yourself daily for you never know who you might meet and how that encounter will benefit you. I was booking guests for a TV Show that I hosted, The Anything Bucket, and I booked a leader in the fitness industry, Lisa Dwoskin. Lisa was an excellent guest and after the show I spoke to her about The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Boca Raton. She was intrigued by this event and as we spoke more she stated she would support it. I had heard this many times before from people who said they would help and yet they did not. I personal messaged Lisa a few times and was pretty relentless with the follow-up and guess what? Today (9/22/2015) Lisa tagged me in a post on Facebook letting me know that she had signed up her team, Metaamorphecise, and that she had secured footballs from Lawrence Taylor and Memorabilia from Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Rocky Johnson. I was very excited to see that my tenacity had paid off.

2016 Popints for the Cure Fundraiser In marketing this special fundraiser I have been relentless in sharing it all over Facebook and making sure everyone knows about it. My relentlessness has paid off as I have  commitments from several people who said they will do this. When you visit this fundraiser is on the front page. I share these two examples with you to illustrate to you just how important being relentless with your marketing is.

I recently took a position with Celebrity Sports to help them with their marketing and have increased their reach by being relentless in keeping the name on the top of the consumers mind. I use my 3 foot rule to promote the store. If someone is with in 3 feet of me I will give them a brochure and start speaking to them about the store. Yesterday (9/21/15) I was at Starbucks and a women was hanging a sign for The Walk to End Alzheimers and I began to speak to her about the VIP Shopping Nights at Celebrity Sports, where a charity receives 20% of the sales from a night they choose to shop. She was interested and not only took 1 brochure but took 2 more as she is involved with other charitable organizations. In being relentless and speaking to people I am creating a buzz about the store and thus increasing sales. The key is that everyday you should be out talking to people about your business or making calls to people about your business. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Stop Missing Opportunities!!!

 This blog entry was prompted by a phone call I had this morning (7/31/2015) where I was introducing myself as The PA Announcer and Team Ambassador for The South Florida Gold, a professional basketball team that plays in The American Basketball Association. In this role I am responsible for community outreach and giving businesses and non-profit organizations a chance to form strategic partnerships. As I called a real estate broker whose card was given to me by a colleague I introduced myself and then was told I do not have a budget for marketing to which I replied I just wanted to offer you free tickets to our home opener to which the reply was I am not interested. I hung up the phone and  thought wow this is a so called successful business person who just missed out on what could have been a great opportunity as players need housing, staff may be looking for real estate, and our fans may use his services.  I run into this type of mentality all the time those who do not  see the opportunities and can not see beyond what is considered the normal way to market. The fact is if you are doing what everyone else is doing you will not stand out and you will continue to struggle. You can avoid the struggle by simply listening to people who are presenting unique opportunities and being open to explore a different way of doing things. In being aligned with a professional basketball team you build awareness while having frequency and consistency in the market place.

South Florida Gold 20152016 Home ScheduleThink about it you as a business owner can pay $250 and select a game for you and your staff and clients to attend, set up a table at the game to speak to fans, hang a banner, and receive PA Announcements. This is an affordable opportunity  and is a form of direct marketing where you can obtain qualified leads.  There are many opportunities to advertise and market and you as as a business owner must seek some unique and different forms of marketing and advertising that will help you to stand out in a crowd,

 Imagine your name on 250 mini basketballs to be given out at a home game for The South Florida Gold. Your fee to do this $500. All you do is supply the artwork and The Gold gives the basketballs away to its fans. Again a different way to strengthen your brand and create a buzz about your business.


Advertisement Ideas: Don’t Miss This Opportunity  To Brand Yourself!!!

 In August of 2013 I launched an Internet TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on I give business people and non-profit organizations and opportunity to come to The WRPBiTV Studios in Boca Raton, FL to do a 10 minute interview to reach my over 50,000 viewers. I give my guests an opportunity to purchase their clip for $175 that is fully edited with their contact information for them to use across all their marketing platforms. In today’s marketplace video content is very important.  I am always amazed when a business person says no or they can not afford it. Again a missed opportunity to which I say stop missing opportunities.

Now the question is what will you do the next time someone approaches you with an opportunity. Will you consider that the person you are speaking with may be selling you today but may be a customer in the future or  tat the person you are speaking with may know people that can benefit from your products or services.  Remember every interaction is an opportunity to build a relationship and thus create business as people like to do business with those they know, like, and trust.  Before you go into your programmed responses think how listening to an opportunity might benefit you.  Each time you engage with someone it is an opportunity to share information and possibly attract new business.


Advertisement Ideas: Leveraging Relationships!!!


It was a few Tuesday’s ago when I was at Tijuana Flats and I met a group of business men from the Oakley Vault and they made me an offer to come to one of their stores and pick out a pair of sunglasses for consideration of promotion by me. Today (7/3/2015) I went to the store and picked out the glasses seen in this video. This had me thinking about how important it is to leverage relationships. I have learned in all my  years in marketing, advertising, public relations, and media relations that the key is to make it a win-win situation. In this case The Oakley Vault had a product I could use and I had a platform that they could use. The key is to see how you can be of value and service and how the person you are dealing with can be of service and value to you. I began leveraging relationships at a very young age as I hosted my very first special event, A Backyard Carnival to benefit The Muscular Dystrophy Association, at age 11. I went to all the places where I spent money and asked for their support. It was at that time that I learned if you return the favor and give something of value you will obtain either monetary or in kind donations. The key is to make the introduction and then find ways that everyone can benefit. I have used the idea of leveraging relationships for many years and the examples I can give are numerous just like the one in the video.

You may be wondering what oracle cards have to do with leveraging your relationships. Well there is a story behind these cards that illustrate a great point of leveraging your relationships and having a purpose in mind. I am very involved with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton,FL and I have been the leading fundraiser for this relay for several years. In 2015 I raised $2726.90, the webpage will be up until 8/31/2015.  One way I was able to do this is by leveraging relationships. I was on Facebook one day and I wrote to both Doreen Virtue and Sonia Choquette who I had been interacting with  on Facebook for a while and I asked them for items to use in chance drawings and they sent me oracle cards and other items and in return I am promoting them to my followers. When you have something that can benefit the person you are asking for support be it in business or in your charitable endeavors you can better leverage your relationship.  I have always believed that the worst someone who you have built a relationship with will say is no and no today does not mean no forever. Think of what you have to offer that will help you to leverage a relationship so as to strengthen your brand and increase your revenue. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Back To The Basics!!!

When I was a kid we has a supermarket in our area called Basics. It was place where you brought your own bags or boxes and most of the products were generic. The store did massive advertising and flooded the area with coupons. They were doing a good business but then the landlord decided to raise the rent and it got to be a bit pricey and cut into the profit margin and the store closed.  The store sat empty for many years and now there is a Lowes Home Improvement store on that site. As I reflected on the concept of Basics Supermarket I began to think how many times we in business get away from the basics and then wonder why we aren’t having successes. How many times to we come up with an advertisement idea but we don’t implement it because we do not know if it will work and then we make many excuses as to why not to implement it.  The key is to remember that if you do not advertise your business you will  eventually lose so it is time to get back to basics.

The first basic principle is to get out there and hit the bricks. This sounds like an old school principle but it works. Last week as I was promoting my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT on I decided to walk a shopping plaza and share who I was and that I was seeking guests for my TV Show. I walked into Wise Little Shoppers in Sunrise,FL and the owner Sparkle was receptive to the idea of being on my show. She called me the next day and booked a time to come into the studio to tape a segment for the show. She came taped a segment and bought her clip to use in her marketing. In hitting the bricks you will meet people who can benefit from your products or services. I have been one to go business to business to share who I am and what I am doing and it has proven to be effective. Whatever I find myself promoting be it my TV Show, my charitable work with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life, or the South Florida Gold, a professional basketball team that I represent I find the best way is to get out in the community and go face to face, eyeball to eyeball, flesh to flesh to get the best results. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Making The Commitment!!!

If you are in business I highly suggest you get a copy of Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements a sit can truly help you in making a commitment to grow your business. Today (6/19/2015) I had an 11 AM appointment and arrived at 10:45 AM and asked for the person I was supposed to meet with and was told oh she may have forgotten. I waited until 11:15 AM and then handed my card to the gentleman who was there and I left. As I left I thought wow another person in South Florida who didn’t honor their commitment. As I drove to my next destination, my local Starbuck’s I thought it is her loss as she didn’t know that not only do I represent The South Florida Gold of The American Basketball Association but I also host a TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT and I have strong ties to the community and a fairly large social media following. The point is that when you make a commitment you should honor the commitment or at least give someone the courtesy of a phone call to give them a heads up on what is happening. The ironic thing is that today I may have been a solicitor but tomorrow I may have been a customer as I could use health and wellness products. When you make an appointment and you do not show it makes you look bad in the eyes of the person you were supposed to meet with and a a result hurts your business instead of improving it. Remember one oh crap will ruin 1000 at-a-boys.

Your level of commitment will determine your level of success. If you are not committed to honoring your word you will lose in the end because people like to do business with people they know, they like, and they trust. If you don’t honor your commitment to meet with someone you have breached the trust from the start and decreased your chances to have a business ally tremendously. What do you think I am going to say when asked about the business that was a no-show without a phone call? When you are doing your best to build your brand and increase your profits you need as many advocates as possible to be speaking well of you so tat you build your likability and your trust so that when people get to know you they are comfortable about doing business with you. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Stop Being Foolish!!!

When was the last time you turned down an opportunity and instructed your customer service person or secretary to use the programmed response of we are not interested? How many opportunities have you let slip away because of a foolish mindset and a preconceived notion of that won’t work for me? How many times have you said I am not interested and then realized maybe I should have listened to the options or at least gotten to know who I was dealing with? How many times have you been presented an advertising idea only to make excuses and not strengthen your brand or increase your revenue? How many times have you decided to pass up advertising opportunities? How many times have you chosen to advertise only to realize that your choice was not the most effective choice? Sometimes it simply comes down to making a decision to stop being foolish.

Sometimes in business we play the part of a fool because we turn down opportunities that could help us to build a stronger brand or that could actually increase our revenue because we do not see the value of what someone is offering. How many times have you let someone leave your business that could of been of service and value to you? How many times have you stayed in your office or in you brick and mortar building wondering why your business is slow? Instead of being foolish and wondering why things are slow it is time to be proactive and speed things up. I like using the example of the pizza place that I spoke with about going out and getting to know his neighbors who said oh I don’t have time for that. This pizza place was in a very heavily trafficked plaza with many store that had many employees so I asked have you gone to the bigger stores and offered them a lunch or dinner special. The answer was no. I suggested he do this and he got very upset and said now you are telling me how to run my business I said no I am suggesting a way for you to increase traffic and build revenue. He wasn’t to receptive so I left. Six months later his pizza place was closed. I thought what would have happened if he stopped being foolish?  My advice to all business owners, marketing executives, and non-profit leaders is to get out there and start meeting people and stop being foolish with your decisions. Read More→