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Advertisement Ideas: Go Fund Yourself!!!

Many people want to be entrepreneurs but they forget the one fundamental principle needed to succeed and that is you must have funding for all aspects of you business. So many people open the doors and don’t have a marketing plan and then wonder why they have no traffic to their brick and mortar business. Part of the reason is that they didn’t adhere to the idea of funding themselves.  I have watched countless businesses open only to close their doors with 3-5 months of opening. Those that closed all shared one common thread they did not set aside funds for marketing and advertising. Yes people there is a difference Marketing is primarily done to build brand recognition to put your brand on the top of the consumer’s mind while advertising is done to not only build your brand but to also drive traffic to your business. It is important to fund yourself so that you can have a solid marketing/advertising mix so that you don’t end up shuttering your doors.  The key is to set aside money strictly to fund your marketing and advertising campaigns.

As someone who has been involved in some form of advertising and marketing for over 30 years I can tell you that I am always amazed when a business owner tells me they do not advertise and I ask what to you do to let people know who you are, what you do, and why they should use your products or services. I usually hear oh I do word of mouth. Word of mouth is  a good start but should not be the form of advertising you do. If you are a local business you should be involved with activities in the community that attract your target demographic. It is important to fund yourself to reach your desired target audience as you do not want to be dog walker advertising in a cat magazine though some cat owners do own dogs.  I asked a shoe store owner who his desired audience was and his answer was anyone who needs shoes. My answer was that this is to broad of a statement and that perhaps finding his niche market and planning to fund himself to reach that niche market might be helpful. I remember working for Footlocker and knowing the lay of land of the Wellington area and the surrounding communities. I asked the district manager if my store could have funding for 144 white tall tees in XL and XXL because one of the biggest football games of the year was being played in the area, The Muck Bowl, and the kids from both high schools shopped at The Footlocker where I was an assistant manager and had a tradition of decorating their own shirts. At first he hesitated and made excuses why not to do it and then I said well as a district manager you can fund yourself and he said what and I said you have a district marketing budget why not take the expense for the 144 shirts from there and make a sign for the window Prepare For the Muck Bowl Tall Tees available here. He finally agreed and my store received the 144 tee-shirts and in 2 days sold out. The key is know your audience and deliver what they want and to always find a way to fund yourself. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Stop The Madness!!!

While American Citizens worried about this flag our government managed to fast track The Trans Pacific Partnership, which makes The North America Free Trade Agreement look tame. While Walmart banned the selling of this flag they didn’t stop importing goods from China. This is ironic for if you are going to stand against slavery and hatred but not stop using what is considered slave labor used to make the goods you are importing from China you are part of the problem and contributing to the madness. Now municipalities  are taking down statues, renaming schools, and digging up graves in an attempt to rewrite history. So many of our American Citizens have become sheep and are being driven by the controversy of the day instead of  looking at the real issues and understanding you can take down as many flags and statues but until you stop the madness brought on by the hate that is in some people’s hearts the real issues  will not be resolved.  It is time to stop the madness and stop majoring in the minor.

 Another ironic twist is that while amazon and other e-commerce sites were busy banning The Confederate Battle Flag they were still selling Nazi Flags and Isis Flags. Heck a Walmart employee refused to make a Confederate Flag Decorated Cake but gladly made an ISIS Flag Cake, a great example of just how uneducated our workers in America truly are.

Now the question is how do we STOP THE MADNESS. The answer is  simple educate the working population and train them so that they can be an asset to your business.  The idea is to bring back a manufacturing and agricultural base to America and to eliminate the greed factor that is hurting our country. We must also eliminate the entitlement mentality and get back to the concept of hard work and being of service and value. If you have a talent you must find a way to utilize it and monetize it and to take action to build your personal brand so it attracts the people who you want to do business with so that you can thrive.  How about you do a campaign that say we serve all people with our products and services. Instead of using the concept of I am (an insert nationality here) –  American just start to say I am an American with a business designed to help my clients/customers who can benefit from my products and services. Then make it a point not to judge people when they come to your business.  I have learned that we may not be able to attract everyone to our business but those that resonate with our message will choose to do business with us.


The best way to solve these issue sis to adopt Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements and do your best to adhere to them. The Four Agreements are….

If you can convey this is your advertising you will begin to create more brand awareness and recognition while also creating a buzz about your business and thus helping to stop the madness.  The key is to create customer loyalty by being of service and value by enhancing the customer experience by looking at solutions for the real issues and making sure you become a problem solver.

The issues mentioned above affect us all because there will be  current customers and potential customers that will not agree with the principles we stand for and may get offended so we must do our best to target customers who will resonate with our message. The nest way to stop the madness is to remember some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting, next.  The greatest thing we can hope for is that our business will help to unify a community instead of divide the community.  If we are truly going to stop the madness we must tackle the real issues and walk in our truth and thus have a message that is relevant and resonates with our desired target audience.  It is time for you to become a problem solver and ask how are my opinions on these issues affecting my business.

By now you have heard of the couple who refused to bake a same sex wedding cake and how they have been sued and ordered to pay damages. My take is that this story only led to more madness. It is their right to refuse business from anyone and I am sure the couple ordering the cake could have found another bakery. This is another example of the media choosing to create madness and division. Personally of it were my company I would have made the cake taken great care of the couple as money on my pocket is better that in someone else’s pocket. The cake company owners stated it was against their moral values and that it went against the teachings of Jesus. Hello, wasn’t it Jesus who was teaching us to be kind to all people and not to sit in judgement.  It is your right to refuse a customer and it is my right as a customer to go elsewhere.  Again it is time to stop the madness.

Sometimes it is not about being right or wrong it is about doing the right thing so stop the madness.





Advertisement Ideas: Lack Or Abundance – What Mindset Are You?

 As I was out collecting donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of West Boca Raton today (6/24/2015) I ran into many people who were coming from a lack mindset. You may ask how I knew this, the answer was in the word’s they used like I can’t afford, business is slow, or how do I know this is legit. These words only hinder us in our personal and professional life as we hold ourselves back.One encounter at The Imperial Cuts Barber Shop really made me realize that as business people we must stop using the lack words and start tapping into our ability to create abundance. In the course of my presentation the owner stated business is slow  on 4 occasions to which I sated if you keep thinking things are slow it will remain slow and I did my best to explain that there is plenty of business to be had if he would get out of  the shop and start to meet people and share his business. His answer was he didn’t have time. I though okay you just told me things were slow, you were given a few solutions and you made an excuse that you did not have time. It was at that time that I realized that he was coming from a lack mentality. I also have started to put people into two categories action takers and excuse makers. The action taker comes from an abundance mentality and takes action thus making things happen for their business. On the other side is the excuse maker who will come from a position of lack and find every reason not to seek opportunities.  I ask you to take a look at how you are expressing yourself and evaluate if you are coming from a lack mindset or an abundance mindset.  Look at the opportunities that exist and take full advantage of them by shifting from a lack mentality to an abundance mindset.  Instead of being an excuse maker start to become and action taker.  Instead of saying I can’t afford start finding ways to invest in yourself and your business. Imagine if Imperial Cuts would have said thank you for coming in and here is $5 for your cause. They would have gotten shout outs on my Facebook Page, on my Twitter Account, and recommendations to my friends in the area who needed a hair cut. Instead they get used as an example of a business that is coming from a position of lack.

If you are to truly succeed in your business you will want to come from a position of abundance in all you do.  Everything you do in business should give the perception of success from the way you answer the phone to what you put out on social media. Instead of complaining you can take action and improve the way things are going. Ask people what they think when they see you brand or hear your business name or your name. In coming from a position of abundance as opposed to lack you  will see a loyalty from your existing customers and they will be more likely to recommend you to others.  If you create an atmosphere where your business is perceived as thriving people will want to do business with you. I am reminded of the story of two steak places in my community one would donate gift cards to every charitable organization that asked while the other said no. One steak house would pay $15 per hour while the other paid $8, one would allow the manager to make marketing and advertising decisions while the other did not. Guess who is still in business and who is not? Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Making The Commitment!!!

If you are in business I highly suggest you get a copy of Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements a sit can truly help you in making a commitment to grow your business. Today (6/19/2015) I had an 11 AM appointment and arrived at 10:45 AM and asked for the person I was supposed to meet with and was told oh she may have forgotten. I waited until 11:15 AM and then handed my card to the gentleman who was there and I left. As I left I thought wow another person in South Florida who didn’t honor their commitment. As I drove to my next destination, my local Starbuck’s I thought it is her loss as she didn’t know that not only do I represent The South Florida Gold of The American Basketball Association but I also host a TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT and I have strong ties to the community and a fairly large social media following. The point is that when you make a commitment you should honor the commitment or at least give someone the courtesy of a phone call to give them a heads up on what is happening. The ironic thing is that today I may have been a solicitor but tomorrow I may have been a customer as I could use health and wellness products. When you make an appointment and you do not show it makes you look bad in the eyes of the person you were supposed to meet with and a a result hurts your business instead of improving it. Remember one oh crap will ruin 1000 at-a-boys.

Your level of commitment will determine your level of success. If you are not committed to honoring your word you will lose in the end because people like to do business with people they know, they like, and they trust. If you don’t honor your commitment to meet with someone you have breached the trust from the start and decreased your chances to have a business ally tremendously. What do you think I am going to say when asked about the business that was a no-show without a phone call? When you are doing your best to build your brand and increase your profits you need as many advocates as possible to be speaking well of you so tat you build your likability and your trust so that when people get to know you they are comfortable about doing business with you. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: A Cure For The Summer Time Blues!!!


 Living in South Florida for over 40 years I have heard the excuse from many business owners oh it is the summer and things slow down so I don’t advertise or sponsor things in the summer. I even heard this excuse when I worked at Forum Publishing Group as the culture was oh the summer is our slow season. I have been and still am perplexed by this attitude as the summer can be a time to capitalize on many opportunities and every business whether a brick and mortar business or home based business can thrive over the summer if they plan their work and work their plan by being proactive in the marketplace.
School is out and that means parents looking for things to do with their kids so if you have a business like a bowling center, a Gymboree, or other activities oriented programs this is when you should be advertising your mommy and me programs, daddy and me programs, Grandma and Grandpa and me programs. Think of ways you can create an experience for your clients/customers. If you are a life coach perhaps meet your client at their house so they don’t have to worry about  finding someone to watch their kids of maybe you partner with someone you trust and offer a supervised activity for the kids at your office or close to the office. In being proactive you can increase your cash flow by simply doing things that your competition is not doing. If you are holding workshops include a kids component and bring in facilitators to work with the kids and you can make a family plan program. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Be Aware And Take Action!!!

Tomorrow, 5/21/2015, is Red Nose Day? You may be asking what this have to do with being aware and taking action? The answer is that it is one of the many days on a calendar that will go unnoticed by the majority of people however those that are familiar with it will capitalize by going to Walgreens and getting a red nose and wearing it out in public to draw attention to themselves and thus engage people. M&M’s is a sponsor as well and will be donation $1 every time #MAKEMLAUGH is used in social media. As someone who is always marketing myself and my services I am using Red Nose Day to further my purpose to help other people excel as I have made a video which is on YouTube that I am sharing across social media platforms. I have taken a selfie of me wearing the red nose and put it upon my Twitter and Facebook Pages. Some have said people may not take you serious because of that picture. My reply is that may be true but those meant to do business with me will see that I am real and authentic and thus want to do business with me.  The idea is to be aware of opportunities that are available to you promote your business and build awareness while also driving traffic and increasing revenue.

Imagine you purchase bags of m&m’s and then sell them in your office and donate the money to RED NOSE DAY and publicize this through videos, social media, and press releases showing that you are an entrepreneur with heart who serves the community. Maybe you are a life coach and you choose to donate a portion of every session booked in May to RED NOSE DAY and you promote this across all your marketing platforms.  The idea is to leverage RED NOSE DAY so that it helps you strengthen your customer base while increasing your revenue. People like to do business with those they perceive as being charitable and heart centered.

You can do what a local realtor, Ron Contronio, did and buy a couple of cases and organize a watch party to watch The RED NOSE DAY Special on NBC  thus creating a fun way to network and help worthwhile causes. When visiting one will see the various charities that are being supported. You could take these logos and make fliers to give out to your customers/clients to support RED NOSE DAY. You could make posters that say We Support RED NOSE DAY. Then in all your marketing material show that you support RED NOSE DAY. Leveraging support for RED NOSE DAY can increase traffic to your business and thus increase revenue.

NBC has incorporated RED NOSE DAY into several of their most popular shows like The Voice showing how important integration marketing is to the success of a business.

RED NOSE DAY is just one of several activities that you can be involved with to bring awareness to your business and thus increase your revenue. Every community now a days has a website where events are listed. Look for the events that resonate with you and fit into your marketing plan. The key is to be aware and to take action so that you are always on the top of the mind of your target audience so that when it comes time to utilize your products and services they think of you first.

Advertisement Ideas: Be Aware And take Action: A Success Story!!!

 Regular visitors to this blog know my passion for helping those touched by Cancer. I recently was made aware of several food truck round ups in my area and I went to a couple to solicit donations for Relay For Life. I did very well and was able to use my service with Relay For Life as a lead into to book guest for my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT. By taking action and capitalizing on events like these I have been able to help a worthy cause and promote myself.  As a result more and more people know who I am and are more apt to do business with me. Remember people will do business with those they know, like, and trust. When someone feels good about you they will be comfortable in giving you business or recommending you to others for business.

By getting involved in the community and being aware and taking action you may be recognized with a community service award like I was and given a great platform to promote yourself. Stay Positive!!!


Advertisement Ideas: No One Is To Blame!!!

 As I was discussing some issues of the day I realized just how quick people are to blame others for their problems instead of taking responsibility and being accountable for their actions.  How many times have we heard oh it is Bush’s Fault  from Obama and his supporters or oh outsourcing is hurting our country or it is the economy? How many excuses will people make and how many others will they blame until they realize it is them and their actions that determine whether they will thrive or will they struggle. I wrote a piece a while back titled it is not the economy it is you to show that those who  were willing to adapt and overcome were continuing to have  success while those making excuses and pointing blame were struggling. I have  seen people play the blame game instead of taking responsibility only to see it led to their demise.  It is not the competition, it is not the government, it is not the community, it is you. Maybe you wanted to advertise but you came from a position of lack and thought you couldn’t afford to and your competitor put out fliers and went out into the community and supported charitable causes while you found reasons not to invest in your marketing. Maybe you chose to go into a magazine or a mailer without doing your due diligence while your competitor found publications and other media sources that reach his audience. Maybe you didn’t do a video and didn’t utilize social media like Facebook and your competitor did. Maybe you judged the guy who came into your business offering assistance with marketing and public relations while your competitor spent $100 on a  session and received a ready-made press release,  a video testimonial, and shout out across his social media platforms. Perhaps you said not to being on  a TV Show and your competitor went on a TV Show. Perhaps you did the show but didn’t buy the clip for $175 but your competitor did and put it on Facebook and other social media and picked up some new clients/customers. Maybe you used someones services and tried to get out of paying and your competitor used that person’s services and paid promptly. The key is to look at how you are conducting business and stop playing the blame game.

 The key is to stop playing the blame game and to break away from the norms  by building brand awareness and recognition by creating a buzz about your products or services. Think about what pain do you take away.If you are a restaurant you take away the pain of hunger, if you are a dry cleaner you take away the pain of looking good and making a good impression, if you are a massage therapist you take away physical pain that may be stopping someone from reaching their full potential. Look at what pain you take away and then formulate a marketing campaign that will express this and cultivate clients/and customers.  Instead of blaming the competition for taking your customers look at ways you can breakaway and get them back or cultivate new ones. If it was price that drove them away then finds ways to show the value you they are getting for your price. Find out why they went elsewhere and if you can fix that reason and bring them back. The # 1 reason people do not do business with someone is a bad experience. Think of ways you can avoid bad experiences. I remember one day at Starbucks they didn’t make my drink for about 20 minutes and I went to ask about it the manager made my drink and gave me a coupon for a FREE one the next time I came in.  In acknowledging the problem and doing something about it Starbucks kept my business. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Why Community Involvement Works?

Image result for Jonathan JDOGG LedermanSince I was 11 years old I have been involved in some aspect of community service be it raising funds for The Muscular Dystrophy Association or today raising funds for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. In my years of  doing community service I have found that businesses that place an emphasis on supporting the community tend to out perform those who do not? Why is this? It is because the average consumer likes to do business with those they perceive as giving back to the community.  A great example of  why community involvement works was witnessed by me when I approached The Skyline Chili in Sunrise, Fl. The proprietors Tony and Jenny were very open to the idea of doing give back nights for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise, FL . I had never eaten at Skyline Chili until the night of our first give back night   and since that time I have eaten there on several occasions. They have seen an increase in their business as a result of doing these give back nights as they support many charitable causes and have gained a reputation as an establishment that supports the community.  In supporting the community you receive positive advertising that you could not buy. In the case of Skyline Chili they received positive promotion on the radio show I hosted, mentions in videos done at the fundraiser, and mentions in my blog and across my social media.  In helping me and my cause they gained a customer and an advocate.

Image result for Jonathan JDOGG LedermanI had the privilege of doing a  fundraiser with Tijuana Flats recently as part of their spirit night program. The spirit night is a night where a charity receives 20% of the sales during a certain time for their organization. This gives Tijuana Flats great exposure and brings in people who may normally not have Tijuana Flats on the top of their mind. As a result of doing the fundraiser I learned about Taco Tuesday and now I am a regular customer. My spirit night raised $149 for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton. I spend an average of $11 as I get desert and sides with my Taco Tuesday Order. Do the math just from me alone they will get the money donated back. It was interesting The GM said to me that night “JDOGG I either give it to you or I give it to Uncle Sam I would rather give it to you,” I thought for a minute and it hit me by doing a give back night not only does he get positive exposure in the marketplace he also gets a nice charitable write-off that allows him to make a profit and as a result stay open and employ more people from the community. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Make It A Positive Experience!!!

 I have noticed more and more businesses bashing their competition  instead of building themselves up when I see this type of marketing I usually look for another  option when I need the product or service that is being offered. I have also seen a trend in brick and mortar businesses where the interaction is far from positive and when I have a bad experience with a business I generally don’t go back and I let others know so they can avoid the same experience.  In today’s ever more competitive world it is imperative to make every experience a positive one. When you are dealing with the general public their will be interruptions of your daily routine which to you may seem ridiculous but to the person walking into your business or calling you on the phone it is important.  If you can take the time to be courteous to all those who you come in contact with and create a positive experience you will see an increase in your sales and a strengthening of your brand.  Every aspect of your business should reflect positivity from your voice mail to your advertising to your human interaction. The idea is to be positive in everything that you do so that the end-user thinks positive of you and comes to you when they seek your product or service.

There are certain businesses I frequent just because I get a positive vibe from the moment I enter until the time I leave. I also frequent businesses where they have taken the effort to get to know me. I have a big advantage as I am generally positive and thus am met with positive responses.  I had someone ask me JDOGG how do you make each interaction positive? My answer was I look for the good that comes from it, for example the guy at Pucinnis Pizza in Boca Raton was not receptive to my Relay For Life. At first I was upset as I though everyone would come forward to help this great project and then I realized you know what it saves me a phone call and creates an opportunity to find people who will support the cause. Had the man been open and receptive he could have had a more positive outcome because he would have had an ally in the marketplace speaking positively about him and recommending his business.  I have  had people give me some excuses and I simply do my best to overcome the excuses and then if that doesn’t work I thank them for their time and wish them luck.  The key is to help as many people you can through your business so that your business is seen in a positive light and so that customers and potential customers have a positive interaction with you.

 The greatest thing that a business can do is to find ways to establish goodwill in the community. A local Pizza Restaurant at Boca green Plaza, Davito’s, sponsored a track marker for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of  West Boca Raton and I have personally been there for lunch on 2 occasions and have given him shout out on Facebook and promoted him at committee meetings as a result of his creating a positive interaction he has gained me as a customer and I represent about $8 each time I come in. Think If I come in 40 times in the year he makes a small profit all because he spent $100 on a track marker sponsorship. I come from the tradition of supporting those who support me. I think there is enough to go around for a business to support many charities. If your business is not supporting the local community there is a strong chance that you will go out of business. If you are struggling in business look at all the areas where you interact with people and what your attitude is. I remember walking into a business years ago when I worked for Forum Publishing Group selling advertising and they said I am not interested I don’t need to advertise. I said okay and I left.  There were many times I was in the neighborhood and needed their services but I didn’t use them I went to their competitor because the competitor gave me the time of day and listened to me and though did not buy an ad asked me to check back with them on a regular basis. Guess what the negative interaction business is out of business no longer selling his subs and the positive interaction business is still in business and thriving. Ask yourself which one are you going to be the positive or the negative business? Read More→