Advertisement Ideas: Why Advertising Should Be Part Of Your Daily Plan!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Why Advertising Should Be Part Of Your Daily Plan!!!!

Today’s post was inspired by Kellie Kuecha as she continues to help others understand the importance of branding and advertising

Kellie’s knowledge of branding is amazing, she has helped so many people to achieve success. She is a well sought after speaker and has grown her own enterprise to be recognizable as a leader in the personal development field. Kellie has taught me that advertising is an everyday walk as the key is to reach your desired target audience and create a tribe of followers who will recommend you to others. Kellie further expounds on why advertising should be part of your everyday plan in her Brand Omnipresence Class. Please visit to find out more about how she can help you own your world and strengthen your brand.

Since meeting Kellie Kuecha, who taught me  that you are your brand I have branded and rebranded The JDOGG Name. I continue to understand how important advertising and branding is to be a successful business leader. I ask you what is your advertising strategy?


 I was in a $1 store the other day that was closing up shop. I was curious as to why they were closing as I never like to see a business fail. The answer I received was we just couldn’t make it. I asked if they had an advertising plan when they began the business. I was amazed when they said no. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised because one of the points I make in my workshops if is if you do not advertise you close.  I am often amazed by those who do not have an advertising/branding strategy and then wonder why they are not flourishing. re-branded The JDOGG name. Most recently I changed my moniker from The Spiritual Emcee Maximizing Your Message to The Positive Broadcaster. I did this to better reflect what I do and that is broadcast a client’s message in print, electronic, and social media.  The reason that advertising should be part of your daily plan is that there are always people seeking the products and services you offer and if you do not advertise they may not find you and go to your competitor.

 How many times have you been approached by an advertising sales person only to say I am not interested or I can’t afford it or I don’t have a budget? I have heard these 3 reasons over the course of the 25 plus years that I have been involved in marketing, public relations, and advertising. In the over 25 years that I have helped businesses who were open and receptive I have seen many others close their doors. The one’s who closed their doors had one thing in common they didn’t advertise.  The one’s that closed were given many advertising choices however they did not take advantage of the opportunities. I have approached many businesses that told me we don’t advertise we rely on word of mouth. Hello Mr. Business Guy, word of mouth is a form of advertising and if you are able to build a business on word of mouth more power to you. In today’s market place where consumers seeking your products or services are more savvy and more knowledgeable it is important to advertise daily and attract their business.

 I was at a Pizza Place about 1 month ago and noticed they were closed on Monday and I thought why would you close on a Monday especially in FALL during Football Season. I approached the owner and asked if he had done a cost analysis and thought about opening from 6 PM – 10 PM on Monday Night during The Fall and capitalizing on how many people would be home watching Monday Night Football. He said no and he likes his business the way it is. I found this odd as most successful business people I know want to grow their business and capitalize on opportunities. I went back to the Pizza Place this week and guess what they are out of business. This is a story I have seen too often. Think about it, If the owner had run a campaign for a Monday Night Football Special and advertised it locally through the youth football and cheerleading programs. He could have done a door hanger campaign a direct mail campaign to the homes in the area and then measured the results. By being open on Monday from 6 PM- 10 PM he may have picked up the number of customers needed to stay afloat and thrive.

 Ask yourself where are you advertising and how effective is the advertisement. If you seek help in marketing and reaching your target audience call 954-254-8227 and schedule a one on one consultation with me.  I usually can come up with ideas that you haven’t thought of because you are too close to your business.

 What business do you own? How do you attract clients? How do you keep clients?

If you are a hair salon think about hosting a hair cut-a-thon and donating a portion to a charity and including the event in your advertising every day leading up to the event.

If you are a restaurant think of promotions you can do to bring people in. If you want families in maybe do a pay $.10(10 cents) per pound per meal for example I come in I weigh 203 lbs so I pay $20.30 for my meal. This is unique and innovative and when you advertise this people will say wow what a novel idea.

If you are an accountant you can offer a free 10 tax tips booklet in your advertising.

As you can see when you make advertising part of your daily plan you will meet with success it is important to remember to be creative and promote.


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