Advertisement Ideas: Make a Difference To Get Media Attention and Drive Business


The last line of The Jaycees Creed states that service to humanity is the best work of life. For over 18 years I was an active member of The Jaycees. I garnered many accolades and the litny of accomplishments is amazing; taking over 1000 needy children holiday shopping, feeding over 300 needy families at Thanksgiving, raising thousands of dollars for charity, winning a national award, and being named a Junior Chamber International Senator. Though I am no longer a member of the organization now that I am well over 40, however I have a copy of The Jaycces Creed that I see before I leave my condo everyday and I am reminded that by being of service and making a difference I can obtain media coverage and thus create credibility and obtain clients.

Recently I found that by by using the angle of service in articles the media picks up on what you are doing. As a Spiritual Entrepreneur I walk my talk and serve as a living example that service to humanity is the best work of life. As a result I was recently on The Front Page of The Sunrise Forum for my work with The American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Sunrise, FL. I used this same angle to obtain radio and TV Coverage for The Addict’s Mom, a group of caring mom’s who are sharing together the challenges they face with having addicted children. As I met with a client today we defined what service she provides and how it would be of interest to the media. One of the key elements to getting media coverage is to peak the interest of the person you are sending information.

One way to get media attention is to do things that are unique and different. For example Edward Rodriquez is walking from Deerfiled Beach to Washington D.C. to spread a message of happiness through his Smile and Wave America Campaign. Eddie is in North Carolina now and has received numerous media coverage as people want his message and are inspired by what he is doing. Dr. Shellie Hipsky has a book, Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet, coming out in September profiling 12 ver courageous people who are making a difference. The common facto with all of these people  and why they are getting media attention is  that they have compelling stories and are sharing them and as a result getting results.

This week think about how you are being of service and create a media release or video and post it on news sites and your personal sites. Be creative and proactive in all that you create and send to the media as 90% of all stories and releases are thrown away. Be in the 10% of those that get noticed by having an entertaining and informative media release or video that people will want to watch.

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