Advertisement Ideas: How To Increase Your Visibility!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How To Increase Your Visibility!!!

 One of the catch phrases of the last 3 years has been visibility. The question is how do you increase your visibility so you are on the top of the mind of the client that is seeking your product or services? Most small businesses do not have a Nike, Coca Cola, or Budweiser budget and struggle with the concept of getting known. Today I will give you some effective and affordable ways to increase your visibility in the market place.  As you are aware I have been doing marketing and media relations in one form or another since I was an 11-year-old.  MY quest to be visible began with a backyard carnival for The Muscular Dystrophy Association. My biggest challenge was how would I get people to come to this event? The answer was easy promote it everywhere and anywhere I could. I the kit came posters and I was fortunate to find a local printer to print more for me at no cost in return for me handing out his brochures. I took the posters and hung them at the major supermarket, local restaurants, in my school, and around my neighborhood. When the event was run I had many people in attendance and was able to donate $1,000 to The Muscular Dystrophy Association. I was invited to present a check to MDA on The Skipper Chuck Show. The local newspapers ran stories about me. This was the beginning of how I began to help others increase their visibility.

 Over the years I learned that it is important to know that you are your brand. People are doing business with you because they know you, like you, and trust you. The question is how do you create visibility for your brand? There are several ways to create visibility, many include?

 Knowing who you are, what you do, and why people should use your product or services is the first step. By having a strong understanding of who you are you will be able to be of better service and value to those seeking your services. I am The Positive Broadcaster who provides small to medium sized businesses with an opportunity to maximize their message through print, electronic, and social media.

 Know who your clients are and how you will target them. I utilize a formula to provide ideas to businesses through social media and other sources to let people know that I work with small to medium sized businesses seeking ways to build their brand and increase their visibility.

 Ask yourself what problem do I take away? Ask how can I convey the benefits of my product or service.

 The key to creating more visibility is in your marketing strategy. Are you using your promotional items effectively? Are you capturing contact information from people you interact with? Are you sharing your story through media outlets? Are you blogging? Do you have a Youtube Channel?  Are you seeking ways to convey your message to your target audience? These are all questions that should be answered so you can increase your visibility.

Advertising Ideas: How To Increase Your Visibility!!!! A Case Study!!!

 In 1985 Gordy Klatt, an oncologist from Tacoma Washington had an idea to do a fundraiser for The American Cancer Society. He was an avid runner and he committed to run the track at a local college for 24 hours and  would obtain sponsors. The next year his friends and colleagues would join him. In year three businesses and civic organizations would join in and form teams. Today Relay For Life Events are held throughout The World raising funds and awareness for The American Cancer Society. In 2005 I had the opportunity to serve as publicity chairperson for The East Boca Raton Relay For Life. In my first report I stated that we needed to improve our visibility. I was asked how I planned to do that? My answer was a community media blitz. I sought to go to community events and promote Relay, I called local media outlets, and I went business to business hanging posters. I wasn’t too familiar with social media at the time, however I knew enough to send emails to everyone I knew. That year we had coverage on Channel 12, were in many local publications, and featured on many radio stations.

 This logo has become very recognizable and when I wear my Relay For Life Gear out in public many people stop me and ask me about it or share their relay experiences with me.

 Now it is time to take action and find ways that will bring people to you to use your products and services. Be creative with your promotions and you will increase your visibility. If you seek assistance in maximizing your message call 954-254-8227. Stay Positive!!!

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