Advertisement Ideas:Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan!!!

    The Jaycees is an international organization of young men and women aged 18-40 who provide leadership training through community service to its members. I was a member of The Jaycees from 1989-2002 and again from 2003- 2008. I served in many offices including Chapter President, District Director, Regional Director, State Vice President, State Chairman, and State Director of Training. One of the greatest tools that I acquired in The Jaycees was The Chairman’s Planning Guide, which helped to plan, implement, and evaluate the various projects that The Jaycees held. This tool taught me to plan the work and work the plan. It asked questions like the primary purpose of the project, the goals of the project, who was responsible for certain tasks associated with the project, what the budget for the project was, and the time-table for completion. This tool has been used by many to successfully launch   business.  As I reflected back on the days of my involvement with The Jaycees I realized that in all of our plans their was a marketing component. This made me ask the question to you do you have a marketing plan?  I then asked if not how are you reaching your potential clients/customers?

 This is a question all entrepreneurs and marketing professionals must answer. To evaluate this ask where am I marketing, how am I marketing, what returns am I receiving? Many times a business decides to do a print campaign and they try to put everything into their ad and thus it looks to busy and people pass over it. When placing an ad remember a catchy headline a great offer, your contact info. Ask yourself what pain does my product or service take away? Then develop a campaign around that which is consistent with your brand messaging.  In social media and TV and Radio many people try to over power the audience and oversell and thus do not get the anticipated results that they expected. To avoid this remember that facts tell stories sell and use these mediums to engage your audience by having a story that is relevant, entertaining, and resonating.  The most effective way to reach customers is to be where they are. For example if your target demographic is mothers of middle and high school aged students in Broward County you want to check out www.labonitakidz.com and consider being in their Fall Issue with a message as to who you are, what you do, and why people should use your products or services?

Advertisement Ideas: Tips To Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan

 The biggest part of your marketing is your marketing plan, knowing who you want to reach and how you are going to reach them.

1: Find events in the community to be part of and schedule yourself or a designee to attend with literature about your business.

2: Spend time in place where your potential customers/clients frequent for example if your demographic shops at Starbucks perhaps setting up a table at Starbucks might be a viable part of your plan.

3: Use all advertising vehicles that make sense to you.\

4: Use a 3ft rule – have your information and if someone is with in 3 feet of you engage them in conversation to see if they can use your products or services.

5: Use your blog and other social media tools effectively by being of service and value in your message.

 As you plan your work and work you plan remember to be of service and value in all you do. Be consistent with your message. Follow your plan adjust it as needed and stay positive.

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